Can you play basketball after bunion surgery?

How Can We Play Basketball After Bunion Surgery?

Basketball is a highly popular sport enjoyed by people all over the world. But when it comes to foot health, constant jumping and running can cause problems for some athletes. If you’ve had bunion surgery, it’s natural to wonder if it’s possible to return to playing basketball. Fortunately, with proper care and treatment of your feet, there is a good chance that you can get back out on the court after undergoing bunion surgery.

How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Play Basketball?

How Long After Bunion Surgery Play Basketball?
Bunion Surgery

The recovery length after bunion surgery varies greatly depending on factors such as age, the overall health of the patient, and the type of surgery performed. Generally speaking, most people require between 4-6 weeks of rest before starting light exercises such as walking or swimming; however, it could take up to 3 months before a return to basketball becomes possible. Patients should consult their doctor before engaging in any physical activity following bunion surgery.

What Can You Not Do After Bunion Surgery?

What Not Do After Bunion Surgery?
What To Do After Bunion Surgery?

Immediately after bunion surgery, patients must follow medical advice carefully to ensure proper healing and recovery. Patients must keep the area clean, wear supportive shoes and take any necessary antibiotics or medications as prescribed by the doctor. In addition, patients must avoid high-impact activities such as running, jumping, and playing certain sports like basketball until their doctor has permitted them.

Do Basketball Players Get Bunion Surgery?

Do Basketball Players Get Bunion Surgery?
Basketball Player Bunion Surgery

The answer is yes—many athletes receive bunion surgery to relieve their symptoms. These surgeries involve removing the enlarged bone causing the bunion and repositioning it to its natural position. This helps reduce pain and improve mobility for the athlete. It also prevents further damage from occurring due to continued activity or strain on the affected foot. The type of surgery depends heavily on an individual’s condition; however, many athletes find that bunion surgery helps them resume their activities quickly with minimal downtime afterward.

Athletes who have had bunion surgery? Basketball athletes who have had bunion surgery:

  • Carmelo Anthony

  • Dwyane Wade

  • Kyrie Irving

  • Stephen Curry

  • Paul George

What Do Basketball Players Do For Bunions?

Basketball Players Do For Bunions?
What Do Basketball Players Do For Bunions?

Athletes need to follow the doctor’s orders! This includes regular rest periods throughout the day and taking prescribed medications if necessary. Furthermore, physical therapy is essential for strengthening muscles around the affected area, so bunion pain does not return after a strenuous activity such as basketball. Special footwear should be worn on the court as this will help prevent further damage from occurring due to any excess pressure put on the feet during movement.

Does Your Shoe Size Change After Bunion Surgery?

Size Change After Bunion Surgery
Does Your Shoe Size Change After Bunion Surgery?

In some cases, you may find that your feet have grown slightly larger or wider due to the removal of extra bone and tissue during the procedure. You might also notice that your feet have become flatter, so shoes that used to fit snugly could now feel too loose.

What Percentage Of Bunion Surgery Is Successful?

Studies show that the success rate of bunion surgery depends on the type and severity of the deformity and how closely the surgeon follows post-operative guidelines. Generally speaking, most people who undergo bunion surgery experience a significant reduction in pain and an improved range of motion in their toes.

Recent studies suggest that over 90% of patients who have had a bunionectomy reported a satisfactory outcome. In addition, more than 80% reported complete relief from bunions after undergoing corrective surgery. The majority also experienced improved mobility in their feet and no recurrence within 12 months following the procedure.

How Painful Is Bunion Surgery Recovery?

Generally, more invasive procedures, such as cutting and repositioning bones in the foot, require longer recovery times and may be slightly more uncomfortable. On the other hand, simple procedures like removing excess bone or soft tissue may be less painful with shorter recovery time frames.

When Can I Resume Exercise After Bunion Surgery
How Soon Can I Exercise After Foot Surgery?


Bunion surgery can be a great option for people suffering from severe bunion pain who want to improve their joint mobility. Although the recovery period following bunion surgery is long, taking proper precautions and following post-operative instructions can help prevent further damage to the foot and restore normal function. With enough time, it’s possible to return to playing basketball after bunion surgery. Before attempting any physical activity, consult your doctor and get the green light before returning to sports.