Does Playing Basketball Increase Height After 20?

how basketball play increases height?

The Science is clear on this matter: playing basketball does not increase height after age 20. While many popular theories around the world suggest playing basketball can help you grow taller, studies have proven time and time again that it does not affect height.

Studies have shown that once a person passes puberty, any increase in height is unlikely due to physical activity or other external factors.

How Do You Grow Taller In Basketball? 

 Grow Taller In Basketball
Taller Player In Basketball

It is possible to increase height while playing basketball, but it depends on several factors, such as diet, nutrition, and genetics.

The most important factor for increasing height through basketball is keeping your body active and healthy by following an appropriate diet and exercising regularly. Eating foods rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D can help boost your growth hormones which will aid in developing stronger bones for an overall higher stature.

Why Are Basketball Players So Tall?



Basketball players tend to come from tall families with parents or siblings over 6 feet tall. This can give them an advantage when growing up and playing youth sports, as taller athletes naturally have better reach and coordination skills.

Basketball Sports:

Playing Basketball
Strength Of Basketball Player

The sport itself also encourages growth. Basketball requires strength, agility, speed, and jumping ability—skills that tend to be easier for taller individuals to learn and master due to their long limbs and higher centers of gravity.


Basketball Players Nutrition
Nutrition for Basketball Player

The other major factors affecting basketball players’ height are training and nutrition.

How Can Someone Grow Taller After 20?

Grow Taller After 20
Does Height Increase After 20?

Growth Plates:

Growth Of Basketball Players
Delayed Epiphyseal Closure

Late closure of growth plates, also known as delayed epiphyseal closure, is when the bones in an individual’s body are still growing despite being past the age where they should have stopped growing.

Blood Iron:

 Iron in Blood
Food For Basketball Players

Iron helps to create hemoglobin which carries oxygen to your cells and supports new cell growth, so having more iron in your system can help someone achieve extra height after puberty.


Gigantism growth
Gigantism growth Of Basketball Players

Gigantism is an endocrine disorder that results from a person producing too much growth hormone in their body during childhood. This results in an individual growing far taller than others their age would be expected to be at that time. While most cases occur in younger individuals, adults can still experience gigantism until age 25 or 26, when bone growth stops completely.

Leg-lengthening Surgery:

Leg-lengthening Surgery

Leg-lengthening surgery is an increasingly popular option for adults who want to increase their height after puberty. The procedure, which can add several inches to an adult’s existing stature, involves surgically breaking the bones in the legs and allowing them to heal in a new, longer position.

How Can I Train Harder To Grow Taller After 20?

 Train Harder Grow
Hard Training For Height Growth

Hanging From A Bar:

Increase Height by Hanging

Hanging will help stretch out the spine and vertebrae, which can result in increased height over time. It also helps improve posture, strengthen core muscles and build arm strength.

Swimming in a Pool:


Swimming is a great way to strengthen core muscles and improve overall posture. This helps elongate your spine and can lead to extra inches on your height. It increases flexibility and mobility so you can move freely without discomfort or stiffness.

What Skills Are The Best To Improve Height?

 Skills for Height
Improve Height


Practice Dribbling
Basketball Dribbling

Dribbling has been proven to help increase flexibility, strength, and agility, contributing to increased height as you age.


Do Jumping
Rope Jumping

Jumping helps improve leg strength and stretching, increasing your vertical jump and reaching for rebounds or layups. This activity can help significantly improve your height when combined with proper training and nutrition plans.

Throw The Ball From A far:

Throw Ball
Ball Throwing Practice

Throwing the ball from afar is a great way to lengthen your arms and torso muscles while improving balance and coordination. Shooting up high with jump shots can help build strength in the legs, which helps with overall body coordination and helps you reach some extra inches in height.

Other Factors To Consider That Can Determine A Person’S Height:

 Factors for Height
Height Growth Factors


Daily Nutrition

Proper nutrition can provide the necessary nutrients to facilitate growth, while malnutrition stunts growth and prevents individuals from reaching their maximum height.


Gender Male vs Female
Male and Female

Gender is a major factor in height. Generally, men are taller than women, largely due to a difference in hormone production. Testosterone levels tend to be higher in males than females, which helps to stimulate bone growth during puberty and adolescence.

Hormonal Considerations

Height Difference Matters

Congenital Disorders:

Disorders Congenital
Congenital Disorders

Congenital disorders are conditions present at birth and can either be inherited or caused by environmental factors during pregnancy. These disorders affect the body’s development, including growth rate. Some common examples of congenital disorders include Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis, which have been linked with stunted growth in many cases due to their effects on organ systems within the body.

Is Trying To Increase Height Through Other Means Dangerous? 

Trying To Increase Height is dangerous
Increase Height In Basketball

Other methods could be harmful. Some of these methods include taking hormone injections or pills, extreme dieting and exercise programs, and limb-lengthening surgery. Hormone injections can cause severe side effects, including fatigue, depression, acne, and headaches. Extreme dieting and exercise programs can lead to dehydration and malnutrition if not done correctly and supervised by a medical professional.

What Is The Best Age To Play Basketball?

 Best Age for basketball
Young Basketball Players

Regarding physical development, children aged 7-9 are typically ready for dribbling and shooting. During these years, they may begin learning the game’s basic rules in recreational leagues or with their parents. At around 11 years old, children can begin joining organized teams at local schools or clubs that offer more advanced instruction and competition. During these pre-teen years, players learn key fundamentals like footwork, defense tactics, and team concepts.

Does running increase height?

No, running does not increase height. Height is primarily determined by genetics and can be influenced by overall health and nutrition during growth years. Exercise like running can improve posture and muscle tone, which might give the appearance of being taller, but it does not actually increase bone length or height.


Playing basketball may increase height after the age of 20 in some cases, but it is not a guarantee. It is important to remember that genetics and nutrition also play a role in one’s overall height. It is best to focus on eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting adequate rest for optimal health. A consistent basketball routine can help improve coordination and cardiovascular health, even if there is no guarantee that it will make you taller.

Does Basketball Make You Taller
Does Playing Basketball Increase Height