How to Clean Basketball Shoes?

Clean Basketball Shoes

Keeping your basketball shoes clean makes you feel fresh, clean, and grippy on the court. Clean basketball shoes relieve us from many problems. With clean basketball shoes, you can focus on conquering your competition, and you can get more stability and traction on the court. Also, you don’t feel overwhelmed with them.

Best 5 Ways to Clean Your Basketball Sneakers

To clean your basketball shoes professionally, follow our cleaning instructions given below.

1.Remove stones from the soles

Remove stones from soles
Clean Your Basketball Sneakers

Removing stones from soles of basketball shoes helps to prevent slips and slide on the court. And you get better traction and grip. Mostly the grooves of the outdoor basketball shoe sole pick dirt and stones. With the help of a toothpick, You can pick stones and clumps of the earth that are stuck at the bottom of your sneaker.

2.Wipe off excess dirt And Rinse clean

Rinse clean Basketball Sneakers
Wipe off excess dirt And Rinse clean

Wipe off the excess of dirt present on your shoes with the help of a soft brush or an old brush. But try not to scrub the material part of the shoe. Because doing so, you will lose the durability of the material.

Another way to wipe the excess of dirt is to prepare a mixture of gentle warm water and soft laundry detergent. Then apply the mixture to your basketball shoes with a clean washcloth and rinse excess soap off the shoe and insole using just water on a sponge. You will see that your sneaker looks like a new pair of basketball shoes.

3.Dry at room temperature

Dry at room
Dry Basketball Sneakers at room temperature

Place your shoes in the open air and allow them to dry naturally at room temperature. Don’t place your shoes near a heater or use an air blower. This is because heat can change their shape and weaken the material.

4.Air out the insoles

Air out insoles
Air out the insoles

Check for the insoles; either they are in excellent condition or damaged condition. If they are damaged, place new insoles in them because damaged insoles can lead to odor and bacterial growth in your shoes. But if the insoles are fine, then allow them to air out to freshen them up. Then to soak up lingering smells from your shoes, just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the insoles.

5.Refresh the laces

Refresh laces
Clean Your Basketball Sneakers

If your shoes have any rip or tear laces, then try replacing those laces with the new ones. Replacing these damaged laces will save you from serious injuries and helps you to perform well on the court.

How to clean white Basketball Shoes?

If you have white basketball shoes, they require special attention than the rest of the sneakers. Because sometimes you have to deal with stubborn stains that won’t get away no matter how hard you try. However, don’t worry at all.

Just follow the underneath procedure to get rid of those stains quickly.

In your cleaning solution of gentle warm water, add a few drops of dish soap and a little bit of white toothpaste. Then apply the resulting solution on your sneakers with a soft damp cloth. This mixture will remove all the stains from your sneaker and helps you maintain your white shoe as bright as new!


  • It is vital that If you stain your shoes, try to remove that stain as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to remove that stain, and it will remain on a material long term.
  • Remember to wipe off excess solution on the shoe surfaces and allow the shoes to dry naturally.

How to take care of basketball shoes?

Follow our few more tips for keeping your shoes clean and in good shape for longer.

1.Clean After Every Wear

Basketball shoes are one of the essential pieces of equipment you own, so it’s necessary to take care of them. Cleaning your basketball shoes after every wear helps to remove new stains and maintains its tip-top shape. It keeps your footing firm and offers a crisp appearance. So if you want your shoe to last long and remain as bright as new, then regular cleaning is essential. Also, it can reduce odor and help prevent loss of traction by removing debris from your tread.

2.Store your sneakers properly

It is good to store your basketball shoes in the right place. Because after a game, your shoes are kind of wet after soaking up the sweat from your feet. And if you store them deep into your bag for an extended time, then it will lead to form odor and lose their shape because they cant air out properly.

So it is better to store them in a place where they will be getting plenty of airflow after every game. This will allow them to dry out before the next use. Also, use shoe deodorizer regularly, so you feel fresh in them, and there will be no chance of a build-up of odor in the shoes.

Another easy option is to have two pairs of basketball shoes. So you can rotate them every day, allowing them to dry properly before every use.

3.Wear Basketball Shoes Only On the Court

It is much better to never wear your indoor shoes outside. Because this helps prevent basketball shoes not to lose their grip and color. Also, they will last much longer.

Avoid washing your sneaker in the washing machine

Washing your sneakers in a washing machine is a harsh process. This process can cause damage to your shoes or discolor the materials. So it is better to avoid this process.

Can I Clean My Basketball Shoes in the Washing Machine?

This is the question that comes in mind of majority of basketball player’s, and the answer to this question is yes. You can wash your basketball shoes, but also you have to follow some tips to save your basketball shoes from getting harsh damage in the washing machine.

The basketball shoes would probably survive a cycle or two in the washing machine. If you are not particularly attached to the pair of basketball shoes, then go ahead and wash them in the washing machine, but to save them from harsh process consider the following tips.

1.Consult your shoe manufacturer’s recommendations

Washing your sneakers in the washing machine is kind of risky. So at first, it would be better to consult the manufacturer’s instructions although they will strongly recommend you to go against it.

In most cases, we get advice note on the box of basketball sneakers. And the maker of your basketball shoes strongly recommends that you do not put them in either a washing machine or a clothes dryer. In reality, your shoes will probably make it through a wash gentle wash cycle, but if you love your sneakers and you don’t want to be dishearted than it is wise to focus on their advice.

2.Remove the shoelace and inner soles

Remove the inner soles and shoe laces before placing the shoes in the machine.

3.Use the gentle wash cycle with low spin

Try the gentle wash cycle with a low spin and add less detergent than you usually did. Also, throw old towels in the washing machine to protect the inner drum of the washing machine against your shoes. Otherwise, your shoes may get potentially damage during the spin cycle.

4.Air-dry the shoes

Now, if you really want to place them in the dryer after washing them, then make sure to put the dryer on its lowest possible setting or place them in a airy spot to dry them properly before next use. Also avoid to place them in front of the sun to prevent yellowing on the mid and sole.

Can i wash jordans?

Yes, you can wash Jordan sneakers. Use a mild detergent, a soft brush, and cold water to clean them. Air dry them afterward to maintain their shape.


Basketball shoes provide us best comfort and performance as you move in the court, making them one of the most crucial basketball gear. This is because, the shoes deserve proper to make sure care that they stay in good shape and last longer for you.
So if you care about your basketball shoes then follow our simple steps above. The above easy steps will help you to maintain your shoes a lot.