Step by Step Guide to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly?

Step by Step Guide to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly

Shooting a basketball perfectly can be difficult for beginners. Much practice is needed to understand the fundamentals of shooting a basketball. No one is born with the understanding of shooting mechanics. However, with regular action and practice, you will be able to master the art of shooting a basketball perfectly.

In order to shoot a basketball correctly, follow the given step-by-step guide.

Beginner’s Guide to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly

 Shoot a Basketball Perfectly Beginner's
Basketball Shooting Drills

Putting the ball in the hoop may seem easy to the people who are watching the game. But in reality, it is more than just getting the ball in the hoop.

Every player is different from the others. Some players are not gifted with an incredible height, and they often face difficulties because their shots have more distance to travel to the basket. Still, by adopting correct habits and by following the below-mentioned steps, you can control your game.

1. Foot Arrangement

Arrangement of Foot
Foot Arrangement

The correct posture increases your shooting percentage. The placement of your foot acts as a foundation for shooting the basketball.

Stand by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. For right handed people, slide your left foot back a little so that the toes of your left foot are on the same level as the arch of your right foot and vice versa for the left handed people.

Make sure your shoulder, elbow, and hip are aligned with the hoop.

2. Hand Placement

Placement of Hand
Hand Placement On Ball

Hand placement acts as the key for becoming a consistent shooter.

For right handed people, place your shooting hand at the center of the basketball and spread your fingers wide. Position your elbow in such a way so that it is in line with the shoulder.

Place the left hand on the left side of the ball. It will be responsible for stabilizing the basketball. Just do the opposite of this if you are left handed.

3. Dip the Basketball

Dip Basketball
Basketball Dip in the Hoop

Dipping the basketball is something that most coaches do not recommend because while you are dipping the ball, there are high chances that players from the other team can steal the basketball from you?

Yet, for a beginner, this technique proves very beneficial as it increases the accuracy rate of the jump shot.

The motion you adopt while you dip the basketball helps you build tension to jump higher while shooting.

4. Shoot with Power

Power Shooting
Power Shooting With High Vertical Jump

After dipping the ball several times, your legs have accumulated power and tension. Use this power as your driving force when you jump for your shoot. While you jump, raise your arms slightly to the right if you are right handed and shoot the basketball in a forward motion. Make sure the motion of the basketball is smooth.

5. Practice Your Technique

Practice Basketball Shooting

Once you have found the technique that works the best for you, practice that technique again and again. By practicing your technique several times a day, your body will begin to remember it, and it would feel natural to shoot the basketball into the hoop while playing.