Why Do Basketball Players Blow On Their Hands?

Basketball Players Blow On Their Hands

You might see players blowing their hands when you watch a basketball game. They might do this before they shoot a free throw or when they’re on defense. There are a few reasons why players blow on their hands.

Reasons Why Basketball Players Blow On Their Hands!

Warm Their Hands:

Warm Hands

For one, blowing your hands can increase the blood flow to your fingers and help warm them up. Additionally, the moisture from your breath will help to keep your skin from drying out and cracking in the cold arena air.

Improves Ball Handling And Grip Of The Ball:

Improves Ball Handling Grip Of Ball

Blowing on your hands is an excellent way to ensure you have a good grip. When you blow on your hands, it improves the grip that you have on the ball. This is because the moisture from your breath will help to increase the friction between your hands and the ball. 

To Remove Sweat In The Hands:

Remove Sweat

Your hands are constantly in contact with the ball when you’re playing basketball. They get sweaty, making it harder to grip the ball and shoot accurately. That’s why many players will blow on their hands before they shoot free throws or take other essential shots.

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It may seem like a superstitious ritual, but there’s a scientific reason behind it. When you blow on your hands, you’re cooling down the temperature of your skin. This makes it easier for the sweat to evaporate, which gives you a better grip on the ball.

Does Blowing On Your Hands Work?

Blowing On Hands Work?

It turns out that there may be some truth to the idea that blowing on one’s hands can make them warmer. When we breathe out, we expel warm air from our lungs. This warmth can help to heat the air around our hands, making them feel more comfortable.

Other Ways Players Try To Better Grip Basketball:

Lick Or Spit In Their Hands:

Lick Or Spit on Hands

Licking or spitting in one’s hands is a common way to increase grip on the ball. Athletes in various sports have used this method for many years. 


Chalk can also help increase grip. Many players use chalk before games and during timeouts to help keep their hands dry and improve their grip. Rubbing the ball against a player’s jersey is another way to make the ball tackier and easier to handle. 

Exercises To Improve Hand Grip For Better Dribbling And Palming Basketball:

There are several exercises they can do to improve their hand grip. 

Fingertip Push-Ups:

One exercise is called fingertip push-ups. To do this exercise, the player puts their weight on their fingertips and fingertips and then lowers themselves down, so their fingertips touch the ground. They then push back up to the starting position. 

Dribble With One Finger:

Another exercise is dribbling with one finger. The player puts their finger on the top of the ball and then dribbles it as hard as they can without losing control of the ball. 

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Squeeze Exercises:

The last exercise is called the squeezing exercise. The player squeezes a tennis ball or rubber ball as hard as possible for 30 seconds to improve grip strength. 


In conclusion, players blow on their hands for several reasons. Some believe it increases grip, while others think it has a psychological effect. Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that blowing on one’s hands is a common practice among basketball players.