About GcBc

The Gulf Coast Blue Chips Youth Basketball Association was formed to provide its players an opportunity to compete at the highest level of basketball across the country. In striving to play at this level it is our hope that our players improve their basketball skills and have some fun. The members of this association try to reach a balance between being competitive in tournaments and teaching skills.

Players must understand that equal playing time in games is not a goal of this association. It is our belief that playing time is earned during practice. Those players that work hard and show that they have the ability to perform when in a game will get playing time.

Players need to take advantage of this opportunity by working to improve their skills in practice. They need to be patient and understand that they have many years of competitive basketball ahead of them. With each practice and each game they have the opportunity to improve their basketball skills.

The skills that are taught by this association are done so under the direction of Coaches who have played High School and College Basketball It is our hope that we are giving players the foundation that they need to some day excel at the high school varsity level and college level.


On average one or two practices will be scheduled per week. Players are expected to attend all practices. If a player has a legitimate reason for missing practice, he/she must let their coach know prior to that practice. It is difficult to run a quality practice with less than 10 players thus players must make every effort to attend all practices.

Teams will play in anywhere from 8 to 14 tournaments depending on availability. These tournaments are on weekends and often consist of 3 to 6 games over the weekend. Players are expected to provide their own transportation to and from these games