Is Wilson Ncaa Evo Nxt Basketball Good For Indoor Game?

Is Wilson Ncaa Evo Nxt Basketball Good For Indoor Game
Yes, the Wilson NCAA Evo NXT basketball is generally considered good for indoor games. It features advanced moisture-wicking technology and a consistent texture that provides excellent grip and control, making it well-suited for indoor courts. Below is a detailed review about its several features as compared to other similar Balls that make it suitable for indoor courts:
Feature Wilson Evo NXT Wilson Evolution Nike Elite Championship Importance for Low-Arc Shooters Importance for High-Arc Shooters
Weight Lighter Heavier N/A Neutral Neutral
Feel in Hand Similar to Evolution Unique N/A Neutral Neutral
Shooting Behavior Sails a bit N/A Sails a bit Not favorable Favorable
Bounce on Rim Friendlier N/A N/A N/A More favorable
Softness Softer N/A N/A N/A N/A
Grip Very Grippy N/A N/A Good for handling Good for handling
Grip When Wet Increases N/A N/A Good for handling Good for handling

Wilson Ncaa Evo Nxt Basketball Review

Wilson Evo NXT – a splendid hybrid of the Evolution and Solution balls. A fusion that’s got the entire US and Europe abuzz, and notably, the crown jewel of Fiba Champions League in Europe and the official ball of Ballislife.

Wilson ncaa evo nxt indoor game basketball

Extended Range Tech:

I’ve tried shots from far and wide but with the Evo NXT? Every long-range shot felt like a short hop, thanks to its unique weight redistribution. It’s intriguing how this soft-core construction might tweak the spin by a smidge, yet offer a noticeable range boost.

Extended Range Tech


Weight of ball

Not the feather-light or the rock-heavy kind. It perfectly weighs like its Wilson siblings. Though for some, this new ball initially feels a tad lighter – an aspect I appreciated during extended playtime.

Micro-touch Cover:

Imagine shaking hands with someone who has the softest, yet the firmest grip. That’s how the Evo NXT feels. This double-layered, pebbled grip ensures no slip-ups, literally. And, yes, it’s microscopic but makes a massive difference.

Super Soft Core:

Dribble on a rough court? A damp patch? Or with sweaty palms? The super soft core’s got your back. I found its unique cushioning to be NXT level (see what I did there?) in control and responsiveness.

Super Soft Core

Moisture-Wicking System:

My hands sweat, a lot. But with the NXT, every dribble felt dry and in control. Trust me; the moisture-wicking feature isn’t just a fancy term. It works, and it’s a game-changer.

100% Composite Leather:

100% Composite Leather

While it might not feel like traditional leather, this ball’s cover provides unmatched control due to its laid-in channels. Some might be put off by its less-than-leathery feel, but its performance outshines this minor gripe.

Technical Overview

  1. Model: Wilson Evo NXT
  2. Design: Hybrid of Wilson Evolution and Solution basketballs.
  3. Promotion: Official ball for Fiba Champions League (Europe) and Ballislife (US).
  4. Extended Range Tech: Soft-core construction enables weight redistribution for improved long-range shots.
  5. Weight: Comparable to other Wilson basketballs; perceived as slightly lighter by some users.
  6. Micro-touch Cover: Pebbled, double-layered grip offers enhanced ball handling.
  7. Core: Super soft core enhances control, especially on rough and damp surfaces.
  8. Moisture-Wicking System: Keeps the ball dry, enhancing grip throughout the game.
  9. Material: 100% Composite leather cover with laid-in channels for improved control.
  10. Appearance: Bright orange hue with a textured finish.
What I Like:
  • Moisture-wicking: It’s like having a built-in towel.
  • Textured layer: More grip, fewer trips.
  • Wider laid-in channels: Control, elevated.
What I Wish Was Different:
  • Extended tech range: I’m on the fence here. Not a groundbreaking change, but unique nonetheless.
  • Appearance: That orange hue is bright, not my favorite, but it grew on me.

The NXT’s vibrant orange might be a tad too zesty for some initially, but over time it becomes the ‘go-to’ on the rack. It feels light, shoots smoothly, and delivers consistently. While playing tournaments in Oklahoma, transitioning from the old-school Wilson to the NXT did raise eyebrows. And about Kobi’s free-throw miss? Let’s just say, the ball wasn’t at fault!

In wrapping up, while the NXT combines the best of its predecessors, it also carves its identity. It embodies progress, both in design and performance. So, if you’re looking to redefine your game, why not give the Wilson Evo NXT a shot?