Floater in basketball

what is Floater in Basketball?

Floater in basketball is an advanced offensive move that has become increasingly popular among elite players in recent years. It requires a special combination of timing and finesse, as well as a good knowledge of the game and how to manipulate defenders. Floater shots are executed from medium range, usually with a high arc to avoid blocks from taller defenders.

How To Shoot A Floater?

Shoot Floater
Basketball Floater

If you are serious about playing basketball, it’s important to learn how to shoot a floater correctly.

Identify the Space

Space Needed For Shot

Identify the space needed for the shot; that means recognizing if there’s an opposing player in front of you that could block your shot. If so, you need to assess how much space there is between them and find a way around them or slightly above their reach. Ensure you have enough room in front of you before shooting, as floaters require more time than regular shots due to their higher arc trajectory.

Keep Your Head Up

Head Up
Head Up While Shooting

Once you’ve identified this space, start your dribble slowly towards it while keeping your head up and eyes on the rim at all times.

Go Up Straight

Up and Straight
Straight Basketball Shooting

Jump off one foot and use the opposite hand you are shooting with to grab the backboard. This helps create enough lift and arc on the ball so that it can reach its highest point without interference from defenders near the rim.

Release High

High Release Basketball

Once you have jumped, focus on finding balance mid-air by keeping the arms stretched out parallel with your shoulders as you raise for the release point of the shot. Aim for a high point near the backboard while releasing the ball at its highest point. With practice and repetition, athletes can hone their technique and improve their shooting range significantly.

Practice Variety

shooting off both feet

When learning to use a floater, getting comfortable shooting from different court areas and shooting off both feet is important. This will help develop your ability to score in multiple ways and make you less predictable when playing against opponents.

How To Improve Floater Shots?

Improve Floater Shots
Improve Floater Shots

Floater shots are a great way to score in basketball, but they can be very difficult to master.

Learn Your Technique:

 Technique Learning
Floater Technique

This includes ensuring you’re releasing the ball from the same spot each time and keeping your body square and balanced when shooting.

Focus On Your Hand Placement:

 Hand Placement
Hand Placement While Shooting

Holding your hands properly is key for accuracy; ensure that when you release the ball, it’s close to the center of your palm with your fingers spread apart evenly. This will help ensure that the ball has a smooth arc and hits its target.

Get A Proper Arc:

 Proper Arc
Proper Arc Of Shooting

Ensure you’re using a high release point and putting backspin or sidespin on the ball when shooting. Don t shoot the ball flat, but rather shoot with a high arc and enough backspin to make it drop down softly in the basket.

Practice Regularly:

Basketball Shooting Practice

Remember, practice makes perfect, so spend plenty of time practicing your floater shot on the court.

One-Foot Floater Vs. Two-Feet

One-Foot Floater Vs. Two-Feet Practice
Difference between One-Foot Floater Vs. Two-Feet

A one-foot floater requires the shooter to take off from one foot with no momentum while maintaining balance. The ball should be released without any arcs but with enough backspin to make it easier on the shooter. Two-foot floaters require more control as they take off from both feet, usually with an explosive forward jump.

The Difference Between A Floater And A Runner In Basketball:

Floaters, also known as float shots, involve shooting from a high arc and usually require more finesse than power. On the other hand, runners take off from the ground to drive to the basket or shoot from a midrange area.

Floater shots typically require more skill to succeed because they rely on timing and accuracy rather than brute force. It’s important for floaters and runners alike that you practice your technique to make sure you can properly execute these plays during games.

Is A Floater A Layup Or A Close Shot?

 Floater Layup Or close Shot
Layup Shot

A floater is a unique shot in basketball that can be used to score points. It involves shooting the ball from a close distance, but not as close as a layup. The ball has an arching trajectory and usually drops softly into the basket. Floaters are particularly useful when the shooter faces pressure or tight defense near the rim.

Is A Floater A Jump Shot?

Floater Jump Shot
Jump Shot

Floater in basketball is a jump shot with a unique trajectory, which means it goes up and out from the shooter. A floater generally starts below the rim, giving it an arc much different from traditional jump shots.

Why Are Floaters So Hard In Basketball?

 Floaters Hard In Basketball
Hard Floaters In Basketball

Floaters are relatively uncommon in professional basketball due to their difficulty. To successfully execute a floater shot, there must be an excellent balance between accuracy and power. Additionally, much like any other shot in basketball, timing is essential for success when launching a floater.

This requires players to read the game quickly and make split-second decisions about how and where to launch their attempted shots with precision and accuracy. Floaters also require players to consider their body positioning when shooting carefully.


Floater in basketball is a great technique for players to use. It can help them gain an advantage over their opponents and provide various options when needed. It allows them to be creative, crafty, and deceptive with their shots while maintaining control of the ball. Players can add the floater to their offensive repertoire with proper practice and training. All it takes is knowledge and dedication to perfect this skill.

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