What Is The Kick Ball Rule In Basketball?

The Kick Ball Rule in Basketball

The Kick Ball Rule in Basketball is a rule that governs how the ball can be kicked during play. The rule states that an offensive player cannot kick the ball while the other team controls the ball. This rule is designed to prevent players from kicking the ball to them or another player on their team in an attempt to gain an advantage.

The Kick Ball Rule was introduced in 2020 and it has been met with mixed reactions from players and coaches. Some believe that the rule is necessary to prevent players from unfairly gaining an advantage, while others believe that it takes away from the game and makes it less exciting.

What Is The Penalty For A “Kick Ball” In The NBA?

In the NBA, the penalty for kickball is a loss of possession. This is usually called a turnover. The turnover rule is in place to prevent players from deliberately kicking the ball to gain an advantage.

What Is The Penalty For A “Kick Ball” In Other Basketball Leagues?

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Kick Ball Rule In Basketball

The penalty for kickball in other leagues is slightly changed to NBA.


In the WNBA, the penalty for a kickball is a technical foul. This results in a free throw for the opposing team and possession of the ball.


In FIBA, the penalty for a kickball is also a technical foul. However, instead of awarding a free throw, FIBA awards the opposing team two free throws and possession of the ball.


The NCAA has different rules for Penalty kicks depending on whether the game is in regulation or overtime.

  • In regulation, the penalty for a kickball is loss of possession.
  • In overtime, the penalty is two free throws and possession of the ball for the opposing team.

Is It A Kickball If The Basketball Hits Your Knee?

There is much debate surrounding what is considered kickball in basketball. The consensus seems to be that if the ball hits your knee, it is not considered a kickball. However, some argue that if the ball hits your knee and you cannot control it, it should be viewed as a kickball.

The reason for this debate is that the rule regarding kickball is unclear. The rule states that “a live ball becomes dead when it touches any player who is out of bounds.” However, it does not specifically state whether or not the ball can hit your knee and still be considered in bounds.

Does The Shot Clock Reset On Kickball?

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Clock Reset On Kickball

When the offensive team kicks the ball out of bounds, it’s called “kickball.” They reset the 24-second clock. That means that if there are still 23 seconds left on the shot clock when the kickball is called, the offensive team gets to keep possession and restart the shot clock at 24 seconds. If there are fewer than 23 seconds left on the shot clock when the kickball is called, possession goes to the other team, and they get to start with a new 24-second shot clock.

Is Kickball Only On Defense In Basketball?

The kickball rule in basketball is a rule that pertains to both offense and defense . The rule states that a player cannot kick the ball while they are on the court.

There are a few different scenarios in which this rule comes into play. On offense, if a player kicks the ball while they are dribbling, it is a turnover, and the other team gets the ball. On defense, if a player kicks the ball while they are guarding an opponent who is dribbling, it is a foul.

So, no, kickball is not only on defense in basketball. However, it is more likely to come into play on defense because that is when players are typically guarding their opponents more closely.

Why Is Kicking The Ball Not Allowed In Basketball?

  • Kicking the ball is not allowed in basketball because it is a dangerous move that can injure other players.
  • Kicking the ball can disrupt the flow of the game and prevent players from scoring.
  • kicking the ball is not considered to be a fair move, as it gives the kicker an advantage over other players.

Can you kick the ball in basketball? No, in basketball, you cannot kick the ball intentionally. Kicking the ball is considered a violation and results in a turnover, with the opposing team gaining possession of the ball. The rules of basketball specify that players must use their hands to dribble, pass, shoot, or control the ball. 

What is the live ball era?

The live ball era in baseball refers to a period that began in 1920, marked by significant rule changes, such as the banning of the spitball pitch and the introduction of a new baseball, which favored hitters. This era saw an increase in offensive production and the emergence of legendary players like Babe Ruth.


In conclusion, the Kick Ball Rule is a regulation in the basketball game that states that if the ball goes out of bounds and is last touched by the offensive team, the other team gets to take possession of the ball. This rule helps to keep the game fair and balanced and ensures that both teams have an equal opportunity to score points.