How To Get In The European Basketball League?

European Basketball League

The European basketball league is one of the world’s most competitive and exciting professional leagues. With teams from countries all around Europe, it offers a truly unique experience for players and fans. But getting into this league isn’t easy; aspiring players must take several steps to make their dream of playing professionally a reality.

Common Paths To Get In The European Basketball League:

Basic Requirements:

Basketball Player

Players must be between 18 years old, with no exceptions made for those under or over this age range. Players also must have a minimum height of at least 6 foot 4 inches (193 cm). Additionally, to get an offer from one of the teams within the league, players should have citizenship or residency in a European Union country.

To apply to become part of this premier basketball league, you will need to provide proof of age and country of origin along with your application form. Obtain international clearance from the respective nation’s sporting authority. Additionally, all players must obtain an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from their home country’s sports federation, which verifies that they are legally allowed to play abroad.

Professional Experience

Basketball Players Experience

Players should look into leagues within their native countries or nearby locations that will provide them with quality competition and training. Additionally, signing up for summer leagues in Europe is a great way to increase visibility and gain attention from potential recruiters. Playing in small tournaments throughout Europe can help players build their competitive resumes and improve their skillset.

Training And Coaching

Training & Coaching
Training And Coaching In Europeon League

Training and Coaching are essential for anyone looking to break into the European basketball league. It requires hard work, dedication, and skill to make it as a professional basketball player in Europe. Develop your skillset through rigorous training and coaching sessions with experienced professionals who specialize in the game to get there.

An expert coach can help you reach your potential by teaching you the fundamentals of playing the game properly – from shooting technique to footwork patterns. By working closely with coaches during individual practices, players learn how to become more competent on the court, contributing significantly towards success at this high level of competition.

Participate In Amateur Leagues:

Participate Amateur Leagues
Amateur Leagues

Amateur sports competitions provide a great way to develop skills, gain experience and build knowledge in basketball. Furthermore, they offer a fantastic chance to learn more about the sport from experienced professionals. Additionally, participating in these events gives players greater exposure to scouts from professional teams across Europe.

Networking: Reach Out & Connect

Reach Out & Connect
Reach Out & Connect To European League

Start by researching which teams are hiring players, coaches, or scouts and create a list of contacts. Ensure to include their contact information so you can easily reach out. Once you’ve compiled your contacts list, it’s time to start networking! Reach out through email or social media and professionally introduce yourself. Explain why they should consider giving you a chance – highlight any experience or awards that will help make your case more appealing.

Financing Your Move: Costs & Scholarships

Knowing which organizations and programs offer support, as well as having an idea of what your potential expenses may be, are key steps in making sure that your move is successful and affordable. Additionally, researching scholarships specific to international athletes can be beneficial in reducing out-of-pocket costs and helping you reach your goal of playing professional basketball abroad.

Finalizing Your Move: Legalities & Logistics

From contracts and visas to insurance and relocation costs, there are several different components you need to consider when finalizing your move. You must understand all these factors beforehand to ensure a smooth transition into the league. In addition, you should take steps like obtaining medical clearance and familiarizing yourself with any rules or regulations specific to EBL teams so that you can hit the court as soon as possible.

Do European Basketball Players Get Paid?

European leagues typically pay between $100K and $ 300K per year for professional athletes. It’s still significantly less than the salaries offered in the NBA or the more established Euroleague teams. However, many players find that they can make up for this salary difference with endorsements from apparel companies and sponsorships from major brands.

Is the European basketball league as good as the NBA?

The competition level is the biggest difference between the European basketball league and the NBA. In Europe, it is much easier for teams to qualify for playoffs, whereas, in America, only a few elite teams make it to the postseason tournament each year. Furthermore, NBA teams have more money to spend on player salaries and promotions. They tend to attract higher caliber players than those in Europe’s leagues.


Do European Basketball Players Get Paid?
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Getting into the European basketball league is a challenging but achievable goal. It requires dedication and hard work, but with the right combination of playing skills, mental preparation, and networking opportunities, it is possible to make it happen. A solid understanding of the game and knowledge of European regional leagues can help you get your foot in the door. Additionally, having a coach or mentor who can guide how to break into a professional team.