What Does Waive Mean In The NBA?

Waive Mean in the NBA

When a player is waived in the NBA, their team essentially gives up on them. The player is removed from the team’s roster and is free to sign with any other team. There are a few different reasons why a team might waive a player. Maybe the player isn’t performing well, or the team is trying to clear space on their roster for another player. Whatever the reason, being waived is not a good thing for an NBA player. 

How Do Waivers Work In The NBA?

How Do Waivers Work In The NBA?
Waivers In The NBA

There are two types of waivers in the NBA: non-guaranteed and guaranteed. A non-guaranteed contract means the player can be released from their contract at any time without paying any money. A guaranteed contract means that the player must be paid their full salary if they are released.

How Do NBA Teams Waive A Player?

How Do NBA Teams Waive A Player?
NBA Teams Waive

There are two ways that a team can waive a player. The first way is by using the amnesty clause. The amnesty clause allows a team to get rid of a player without paying them any money. The second way is by cutting the player. When a team cuts a player, they still have to pay them their salary, but they don’t have to worry about them taking up a roster spot.

How Do NBA Teams Sign A Waived Player?

How Do NBA Teams Sign A Waived Player?
NBA Waived Teams Sign

When an NBA team wants to sign a player who another team has waived, they must put in a claim for that player within 48 hours of the player being waived. If more than one team puts in a claim for the same player, the team with the worst record gets the player. 

When a player is waived, their contract is terminated, and they become a free agent. Any team can sign them, but they must pay whatever is left on the contract. For example, if a player is owed 10 million dollars over two years and they are waived, any team that signs them will have to pay 5 million dollars for that first year. 

What Happens When A Waived Player Does Not Get Claimed?

What Happens When A Waived Player Does Not Get Claimed?
Claimed Waived Player

He may not get another chance to play in the NBA if no team claims him. He could end up playing in the G League or overseas. Many factors determine whether or not a player will be claimed when he is waived, such as his skill level and how much money he is owed.

It’s always a risk for a team to waive a player because they never know if another team will claim him. If a player is not claimed, the waiving team is still responsible for paying his salary. So, there’s a lot at stake when a team decides to waive a player. 

Difference Between Released And Waived:

What Is The Difference Released And Waived NBA Player?
Difference Between Released And Waived:

The terms released and waived often get used interchangeably when it comes to the NBA. However, there is a big difference between the two.

Released means that a player has been let go by their team and is free to sign with any other team.

Waived means that a player has been removed from their team’s roster, but they are still under contract and can only be signed by another team if they agree to pick up that player’s remaining contract. 

How Are Waived NBA Players Paid?

How much a waived player is paid depends on the terms of their contract and the reason for their release.

If a player is waived during their rookie contract, they will usually only receive any unpaid salary from that season. However, if a player is waived during the middle or end of their contract, they may be owed money from previous and current seasons. The amount of money owed to a waived player also depends on whether they were released with cause.

If a player is released without cause, they are typically still owed any guaranteed money from their contract. 

Difference Between Waiving And Buying Out:

To put it simply, waiving a player means that their contract is terminated and they are no longer part of the team.

Buying out a player means the team pays them the remainder of their contract, but they are free to sign with another team.


In conclusion, waiving in the NBA means a player is released by their team before their contract ends. If a team waives a player, they are responsible for paying the remainder of their agreement. A player can be waived for many reasons, including being too old, not good enough, or because the team needs to free up salary cap space.