How Much Does An NBA Assistant Coach Make?

How Much Can An NBA Assistant Coach Make?

how much do nba assistant coaches make? It is estimated that the average salary for an NBA assistant coach is $500,000 and $1 million per year. These salaries vary depending on the organization they are working with and their experience level. For example, some teams may have a higher budget than others and be able to offer more money for experienced coaches. More experienced coaches typically command higher salaries than less experienced ones because of their knowledge and expertise. Aspiring coaches can gain valuable experience by starting in lower positions, such as team scouts or video coordinators, before becoming assistants.

NBA Assistant Coach Salary:


Highest NBA Coach

It is normal for leading franchises to pay their top assistants more than those in smaller markets or for those that play fewer minutes per game. So depending on these factors, NBA Assistant Coaches can earn nearly $2 million annually – making them some of the highest-paid individuals in professional basketball.


Lowest NBA Coach

The lowest-paid assistant coach in the NBA typically makes around $50,000 annually.

Who Is The Highest-Paid Assistant Coach In The NBA?

Highest-Paid Assistant Coach In NBA
Assistant Coach In NBA

The highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA is Jason Kidd. As a former head coach and current assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kidd has earned his place as one of the better-paid coaches in the league. He is reported to be making $10 million annually, which puts him far ahead of any other assistant coach regarding salary.

Kidd was named head coach of the Brooklyn Nets back in 2013, and he led them to two consecutive playoff appearances before being replaced by Lionel Hollins following a slow start to the 2014-15 season. After that, Kidd found himself in an assistant position with Milwaukee Bucks and eventually made his way to Laker’s bench. In addition to his duties as an assistant, he also holds an advisory role within the Lakers organization.

What Does An NBA Assistant Coach Do?

NBA Assistant Coach duties
NBA Assistant Coach

Being an NBA assistant coach is one of the most important roles in a basketball organization. Working alongside the head coach, the assistant coach takes on numerous responsibilities, from formulating game strategies to recruiting for the team.

Recruiting For the Team:

Recruiting Team
NBA Recruiting Team

They will typically potential scout players and evaluate their skills. After identifying possible candidates, they will contact them and do their best to bring them onto the team roster.

Consistent Presence:

The primary responsibility of an NBA assistant coach is to help the head coach formulate team strategy. This includes creating effective defensive plans, organizing offensive plays, and helping manage player rotations during games.

Game Preparation:

Game preparation includes breaking down films of upcoming opponents and devising specific plans to give the team an advantage on the court. This can involve making adjustments based on previous matchups or studying trends amongst certain teams or players. The NBA assistant coach must also work with staff members such as strength coaches and trainers to ensure that their athletes are properly conditioned and prepared for each competition.

Reviewing Previous Games and Moves:

Assistant coaches often look at the team and individual performance when reviewing past matches. They can use advanced analytics and player tracking data to evaluate each move, from shot selection to passing accuracy. By doing this, assistant coaches can suggest where the team needs more focus or help players refine their skill sets further. This deep level of evaluation helps the team better prepare for upcoming opponents and develop strategies that have been proven successful over time.

Factors That Influence The Salary Of An NBA Assistant Coach:

Several factors determine the nba assistant coach salary. Experience, skills, and team success are all elements that come into play when setting the salary of these coaches.


Experience plays a major role in determining the salary of an NBA assistant coach. Coaches with previous experience at the collegiate or professional level will be able to command higher salaries than those with little to no experience. The length and type of experience also matter as coaches who have had long-term success or worked for multiple teams can expect higher paychecks than those new to the job market.


Strong knowledge of the game is essential for any aspiring NBA assistant coach. A deep understanding of basketball strategy, team dynamics, and player development can help set one apart from other candidates vying for the same position.


Education plays an important role in determining the salary of an NBA assistant coach, with those with higher education levels typically earning more than their counterparts. For example, many NBA teams prefer candidates who possess a master’s degree or higher in fields such as sports management, kinesiology, or exercise science, as this gives them an edge over other applicants with less experience or education. A bachelor’s degree is usually enough for most positions, but having additional credentials can help increase the salary potential for those seeking these positions.

How To Become An NBA Assistant Coach?

You must have a strong background in basketball. You may have played at the college level or professionally or even coached at the high school level. This experience will give you a solid foundation for working as an NBA assistant coach. Gaining as much coaching experience as possible can help increase your chances of landing such a position.

Try finding opportunities with local teams or attending clinics and workshops where coaches from all levels interact and share their experiences. Some NBA assistant coaches are former players of the sport, while others have education and training in coaching.

How Many Assistant Coaches Are On Each NBA Team?

According to research, most teams have about three or four assistant coaches. This can vary depending on how large the coaching staff is for each team. For example, some teams may have as many as five or six assistant coaches, while others might only have two or three.

NBA Income
NBA Assistance coach salary

Who is on the warriors coaching staff?

The current coaching staff of the Golden State Warriors includes head coach Steve Kerr, assistant coaches Mike Brown, Jarron Collins, Bruce Fraser, Dejan Milojević, and Aaron Miles, as well as player development coach Leandro Barbosa.


The salary of an NBA assistant coach is highly dependent on various factors such as team success, experience level, and win-loss record. As the NBA continues to grow in popularity, the compensation of assistant coaches will also rise. The average salary for an NBA assistant coach falls between $500,000 and $1 million per year. However, some experienced coaches with successful teams can take home more than double that amount.