Do NBA Teams Have Physicians?

NBA Teams Physicians

Yes, NBA teams do have their physicians on staff. These highly trained professionals are essential to a team’s success, providing medical care and advice when needed. NBA team physicians are responsible for ensuring that all players remain in peak physical condition throughout the season to perform at their best when it matters most.

What Is The Role Of NBA Physicians?

Role Of NBA Physicians
NBA Physicians

The role of an NBA physician also includes monitoring athlete health and conditioning during practices and assessing any injuries that may occur during games or practice sessions. They provide medical advice to coaches and trainers regarding player safety and help to identify potential long-term issues with athletes’ health that could lead to injury or illness without proper care. Additionally, they often liaise between team trainers, coaches, and front-office personnel to ensure the best possible outcome for injured players while considering any individual player’s needs or concerns.

How Do You Become An NBA Physician?

Step 1: Graduate Medical School.

Graduate Medical School
Medical School Graduate

To become an NBA physician, complete a four-year undergraduate program in pre-med or another related field, such as kinesiology or sports medicine. Once this is completed, graduate with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Step 2: Complete Residency.

Complete Residency
Complete Residency Basketball

After graduating from medical school, complete at least three years of residency specializing in orthopedics or sports medicine. During your residency, you must focus on developing skills necessary for the job, such as diagnosing physical injuries, drafting treatment plans, and spending long hours on the sidelines providing care for athletes injured during games and practices.

Step 3: Obtain Licensing And Certification.

Obtain Licensing And Certification.
Licensing And Certification in NBA

After completing your medical residency, obtain licensing and certification from the American Board of Sports Medicine or any other related sports medicine board recognized by the NBA. Possess basic knowledge of orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and nutraceuticals to practice as an NBA physician successfully.

Step 4: Complete A Fellowship.

Complete A Fellowship

Fellowships provide additional training in sports medicine and typically take two years of post-residency study. The fellowship includes hands-on experience working with professional athletes on physical therapy and injury prevention programs and learning about the latest medical treatments associated with sports injuries and illnesses that affect professional basketball players.

During the fellowship, doctors will also learn about nutrition, biomechanics, and strength training related to basketball athletes to help them stay healthy on their way to success.

Step 5: Apply For The Job.

Apply For The Job
Job Applications

Once applicants have satisfied all of these criteria, they can begin applying for jobs with NBA teams directly or through job boards and recruitment agencies. Due to the intense competition for these positions, applicants should ensure their resumes are up-to-date and tailored specifically toward each position they are applying for.

How Much Do NBA Physicians Make?

The salaries for NBA team physicians vary depending on the size of the team, experience, and other factors. The average salary range is reported to be $35500 to $114500 per year.

However, some more experienced physicians earn up to $300,000 annually, while those with extensive medical expertise may make over half a million. This large wage gap reflects the importance of having a well-trained physician in charge and the level of dedication needed from them.

In addition to base pay, NBA physicians may receive performance bonuses based on their teams’ success during the season or additional compensation if they work during extended seasons due to playoffs or international competitions.

Do Team Physicians Travel With The Team?

Most NBA teams have one or more orthopedic surgeons who travel with the team to help diagnose injuries during games or practices. Additionally, these doctors can advise coaches on how best to treat particular injuries and advise players on how best to prevent further injury.

Is Sports Medicine Physician A Good Career?

Sports medicine is an incredibly rewarding profession, but it also requires dedication and commitment. Aspiring sports medicine physicians need to be passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals while having the advanced knowledge to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries. Potential students need to understand the job requirements of a sports medicine physician before entering the field.

To become a successful sports medicine doctor, individuals must possess excellent communication skills and specialized knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. They must also stay up-to-date on medical research related to injury prevention and treatment of athletes to provide the best care possible.


Teams Physicians
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NBA teams have physicians on staff to help ensure the health of their players. The team’s physician is responsible for evaluating and treating injuries and providing advice about medical issues that may arise during a player’s career. With the ever-growing demands of professional sports, athletes must have access to the highest quality medical care available. Having a team physician allows them to do just that.