How Do NBA Players Travel To Games?

NBA Players Travel To Games?

Traveling in the NBA is quite a different experience than it is for most people. Players fly on private planes and stay in luxurious hotels. Still, they also tend to travel together as a team, providing the players with camaraderie and an opportunity to relax away from home.

When flying to games, NBA teams usually fly on chartered planes specially designed for their needs. The plane typically holds between 20-30 passengers and has more legroom than traditional commercial flights, allowing players to stretch out during long cross-country trips. The team staff also uses the plane’s storage areas for equipment and other supplies.

How many miles do NBA players fly a year?

How many miles NBA players fly a year?
miles NBA players fly a year

The National Basketball Association comprises 30 teams located in various cities across the United States. As such, over 800 games are played throughout the season and playoffs, amounting to thousands of miles flown by NBA players.

The NBA season lasts from October to June, and teams typically play 82 games. That means each team plays 41 home games and 41 away games. To fulfill their away game commitments, teams must travel an average of more than 20,000 miles per season—that’s about 500 miles a week! This is significantly more than other major sports leagues like MLB or NFL, which have shorter seasons with far fewer away games.

Players not only have to cover short distances between states but also frequently cross international borders – such as when playing exhibition games against European teams or participating in global events like the Olympics.

How Long Are NBA Players Away From Home?

How Long NBA Players Away From Home?
NBA Players

The National Basketball Association season runs from October through June, meaning teams can be away from home for up to eight months per year.

Players may also have additional obligations, such as summer league play or international tournaments that require extended absences throughout the year. Teams usually take three-game road trips that last several days at a time and then return home for several days before another trip begins.

For some teams, these trips can take up almost half their season. Additionally, all-star games keep players away from home during an entire weekend, and special events such as trade deadlines and the NBA draft combine require additional travel commitments around the world.

Do NBA Players Fly By Private Jet?

NBA Players Fly By Private Jet?
NBA Basketball Players

While some superstars may be lucky enough to fly privately for certain away games and events, it’s business as usual for most games. Most teams opt for charter flights due to cost efficiency and convenience, which usually means flying commercial or using bus travel depending on the distance.

Do NBA Wives Travel With The Team?

NBA Wives Travel With Team?
NBA Wives Travel

Depending on the team, some organizations are more accommodating when bringing the family for away games. Most teams will cover hotel costs for an extra guest if space is available in their allotted rooms; however, wives or other family members usually need to pay their way regarding flights and meals.

Do NBA Players Pay For Food And Travel?

NBA Players Pay For Food & Travel
NBA Players Pay For Food

Most teams provide meal money as part of each player’s contract, which can be used whenever they’re away from home during game days or practice sessions. This allowance covers hotel stays and meals when the team does not supply catering services.

Where Do NBA Players Stay When They Travel?

NBA players typically stay at luxury hotels or resorts in the city where they are playing. Each team has its travel agent who ensures that every accommodation meets the high standards of being an NBA player. Hotels must be up to date and feature amenities like gym facilities, room service, and other comforts of home.

Do NBA Teams Ever Travel By Bus?

While it is rare, there are some instances when the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams travel to their games via bus. One reason that this may happen is if they are playing a team that is located near them. This can be an economical choice for teams as it eliminates the need for costly plane tickets and accommodations.

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NBA team travels for games


NBA players travel to games in various ways depending on the city they are traveling to, the number of days they stay, and the budget allotted for their travels. Teams typically book flights, arrange buses, or rent out vans for long-distance travel. Teams sometimes fly private jets or charter planes for convenience and efficiency. On-site transportation is usually provided by buses and vans to get from the airport to their hotels and, eventually the arena.