Can You Get Drafted To The NBA From A D2 School?

Can You Get Drafted To The NBA From A D2 School?

The answer is yes, but it’s far less comm…from-a-d2-school/on than for those coming out of Division 1 programs. It does happen, though; several players were able to make it from D2 schools throughout history. Jimmy Butler and Gary Payton are notable examples who made it against all odds.

Today, with increased scouting attention often given to smaller programs, more players from D2 schools are making their way onto NBA rosters than ever before.

Has a d2 player ever been drafted nba? Yes, several former NBA players had experience playing in NCAA Division II before being drafted into the NBA, including Scottie Pippen and Ben Wallace.

Can a d2 player make it to the nba? It’s highly unlikely for a Division 2 player to make it to the NBA due to the significant talent gap and rigorous competition from Division 1 athletes.

NBA players that went d2,can you go to the nba from a d2 college?

some NBA players that went to Division II schools:

  • Ben Wallace (Virginia Union)
  • Dennis Rodman (Northeastern Oklahoma State)
  • Manute Bol (Bridgeport)
  • Devean George (Augsburg)
  • Derrick White (UCCS)
  • Haywood Highsmith (Wheeling Jesuit)

There are many other NBA players who played college basketball at Division II schools. These are just a few of the most notable examples.

How Many D2 Basketball Players Have Been Drafted In NBA?

According to a report from Basketball Reference, more than 1,400 college players have been drafted since 1947. Of those players, over 200 of them came from Division 2 schools. That’s about 15 percent of all draft picks from D2 programs in that span. While this figure may seem small compared to Division 1 schools (which account for nearly 80% of all picks), it shows that there are still opportunities for talented athletes who decide to play at lower levels of collegiate competition.

Do you have to get drafted to play in the NBA? No, players do not have to be drafted to play in the NBA. While the majority of players are drafted, some may enter the league through free agency or other means.

How do you get drafted into the nba? To get drafted into the NBA, aspiring players must first become eligible by meeting age and eligibility requirements, then declare for the NBA Draft. They then participate in pre-draft evaluations and interviews, showcasing their skills and potential to NBA teams, who ultimately select players based on their draft position and team needs.

Active NBA Players Who Played D2 Basketball:

Derrick White:

Derrick White
Derrick White Basketball Player

Derrick White, an active NBA player from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS), was drafted in 2017 by the San Antonio Spurs after his college basketball career at UCCS. He has become an essential piece for the Spurs, averaging 14.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game during his 2019 – 2020 season.

Haywood Highsmith:

Haywood Highsmith
Haywood Highsmith basketball player

Haywood Highsmith is a forward who signed a contract with the Miami Heat for the 2021-2022 season. Highsmith graduated from Wheeling University in West Virginia, playing all four years of his college career with them, including being named an all-conference player.

Highsmith’s journey to the NBA was not easy; he went undrafted after graduating from college and had to fight for his spot. He played in multiple summer leagues trying to make his dreams come true and was eventually signed by the Philadelphia 76ers before being waived shortly after. However, he never gave up on his goal of making it to the NBA, and now he has officially made it happen by signing a contract with one of its premier teams — The Miami Heat.

Haywood Highsmith scouting report? Haywood Highsmith is a versatile forward known for his athleticism, rebounding, and defensive presence. He has the potential to contribute on both ends of the court but may need further development to excel at the professional level.

Jaylen Morris:

Jaylen Morris:
Jaylen Morris basketball player

Jaylen Morris, the former Division II standout, has been a critical contributor for the Atlanta Hawks since being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2018. Morris started his collegiate career at Molloy College, averaging 18 points and 7 rebounds per game during his senior year. His performance earned him All-East Coast Conference honors and propelled him into the professional ranks. Since joining the Hawks’ roster, Morris has appeared in 75 games across two seasons and provided much-needed defense off the bench for Atlanta.

Broderick Thomas NBA(Celtics):

Broderick Thomas:
Broderick Thomas basketball player

Most recently signed by Houston Rockets on a two-way contract in 2020, Thomas was an outstanding player while attending Truman State University (TSU), where he amassed 1,702 points over four years, including four consecutive All-Great Lakes Valley Conference selections. His collegiate career included many successes, including making TSU’s first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1983 and leading his team to a 22-3 record during his senior season.

After graduating from TSU, Thomas entered the G League and earned himself a spot on the Houston Rockets roster this past year.

Emanuel Terry:

Emanuel Terry
Emanuel Terry basketball player

Emanuel Terry is an active NBA player. The power forward began his basketball journey at Lincoln Memorial University, where he was recruited for the men’s basketball team. During his time there, Terry won two South Atlantic Conference Championships and led the NCAA Division II in rebounding as a senior in 2017-2018 with 13.1 rebounds per game. He was named All-American three times while playing under Coach Josh Schertz at LMU.

Terry went undrafted after college but did not give up on his dream of playing in the NBA. After some time overseas, he signed with the Miami Heat in 2019 and has been on their roster ever since. He averaged 7 points and four rebounds per game last season for the Heat and continues to be an important part of their lineup today.

Can D3 Players Go To The NBA?

The answer is yes, a Division 3 player can make it to the NBA, but it is not an easy feat. Only a handful of players have made the jump from D3 colleges to the National Basketball Association.

One example of someone who could achieve this goal was former Boston Celtics forward Chris Herren. He started his career at Fresno State University before transferring and eventually graduating from Boston College’s Division III program.

How Good Is D2 Basketball?

At the Division 2 level, competition is high, with hundreds of programs vying for success. Not only are these athletes highly skilled and motivated, but they’re also typically some of the most dedicated players in college sports today. These players must balance their studies with practice and games, making it all the more impressive when they reach their goals on the court.


Drafted To The NBA From A D2 School
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Does college basketball pay you?

No, college basketball players do not get paid. They are considered amateur athletes and NCAA rules prohibit them from receiving salaries or other forms of payment for playing basketball. However, they can receive scholarships and other benefits related to education.


Getting drafted to the NBA from a D2 school is possible, although it is very difficult. The limited exposure and difficulty of competing against top talent can make it hard for players to stand out and show off their skills. Players should be realistic about their chances and focus on getting an education at their D2 school and honing their skills on the court. A D2 player could break into the NBA with dedication and hard work.