Why Do Basketball Players Wipe Their Shoes?

Do Basketball Players Wipe Their Shoes

You might notice players wiping their shoes on the court when you watch a basketball game. This is not just to keep their shoes clean but also to help them play better. The friction from wiping their shoes gives them more control over their movements. It also helps them better grip the court and prevent slipping.

Benefits Of Wiping The Basketball Shoes:

Benefits Of Wiping The Basketball Shoes
Wiping The Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a very physical sport. Players are constantly running, jumping, and sweating. Their shoes would quickly become caked with dirt and mud if they didn’t wipe them off after every game. This would not only make it difficult to move around on the court, but it would also be dangerous for other players.

To Remove Dirt And Debris:

Remove Dirt Debris
Remove Dirt Debris On Basketball Shoes

Basketball players not only do they have to run up and down the court, but they also have to jump and move around constantly. This can cause debris on the bottom of their shoes, eventually leading to slips and falls. Players often wipe their shoes on the court before each game or practice to avoid this.

To Improve Traction:

Improve Traction
Traction Of Basketball Shoes

While playing basketball, one of the most important things is having good traction. This helps players move quickly and change directions easily. To improve traction, players often wipe their shoes on the court.

Caring For Athletic Shoes:

Caring Athletic Shoes
Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are an important part of any athlete’s equipment. They not only protect players’ feet from the elements and the impacts of their sport, but they can also improve their performance. Proper care of basketball shoes will ensure they last longer and continue providing the support and protection they need. Sweat and dirt can cause the material to deteriorate, so players need to wipe them down after every use.

To Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands:

Get Rid Of Sweaty Hands
Sweaty Hands

Basketball players wipe their shoes to get rid of any sweat that has built up on their hands. This can help them better grip the ball and prevent it from slipping out of their hands.

Avoiding Injury On The Court:

Quick movements and changes in direction in basketball can put players at a higher risk for injuries, especially to their ankles and knees. So, it is essential to avoid injury. Therefore, players wipe the soles of their shoes on the court. This simple act can remove dust and moisture from shoes, which can otherwise lead to injuries.

To Show Respect:

Wiping shoes can also be a way to show respect for the game and opponents. It shows that players are taking care of their equipment and are considerate of others.

Is It Necessary To Wipe The Outer Sole Of The Basketball Shoes?

Yes, regularly cleaning and wiping off your basketball shoes’ outer soles after each use is important. This will help ensure proper traction when playing on the court, reducing the risk of slipping or falling. Wiping off your shoes between games helps them last longer, as dirt can be abrasive and damage any shoe material over time. Keeping your basketball shoes clean and wiped down is essential for safety and longevity.

Alternatives To Wiping Basketball Shoes

Use A Shoe Cleaner:

Using a shoe cleaner or protector spray helps create a protective barrier around your sneaker material. This barrier will help keep dirt and grime from sticking to your shoes, making it easier to brush debris away with a damp cloth. Some sprays offer water-repellent properties, which will help protect against any unexpected rain showers during outdoor games.

Use Shoe Inserts:

These are generally made from a high-quality cotton fabric designed to fit into your shoes and absorb any dirt or moisture. They are available in various shapes and sizes to ensure they fit into your shoes. You can even purchase shoe inserts designed specifically for basketball players or buy them in packs of multiple pairs to save some money.

When shoes are wet, they can be harder to grip the floor with. So by wiping them off with their hands, they are giving themselves a little bit of extra traction. It might not seem like much, but it can make a big difference when trying to make a quick stop or change directions.

Should You Wipe Your Shoes Using Your Hands?

A better way to clean your shoes is to use a towel or brush. This will help remove dirt or debris more effectively than using your hands alone.

Basketball players touch the bottom of their shoes
Reasons why basketball players wipe their shoes


Basketball players wipe their shoes for a variety of reasons. These reasons include preventing slips and falls, removing dirt and debris, and improving their grip on the court. No matter the reason, it is evident that this simple act can have a big impact on a player’s game.