What Is NBA Usage Rate?

NBA Usage Rate

NBA Usage Rate is a statistic that measures the number of team possessions used by a particular player while on the court. It is calculated as the total number of field goals, free throws, and turnovers a player has during his time on the court divided by his total team possessions. The usage rate is important for understanding how much an individual player drives their team’s offense, helping to determine who are the primary scoring threats for that game or season.

Usage rates can vary greatly from one NBA player to another; superstars such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry often have higher usage rates than more role-based players such as Kyle Korver or Paul Millsap. For example, LeBron James had a 34.8 percent usage rate during the 2018-19 regular season, while Kyle Korver’s was just 13 percent.

Why Do We Care About Usage Rating In Basketball?

Why We Care Usage Rating In Basketball?
NBA Usage Rating

Usage rating is a widely used statistic in the basketball world. It has been around since the early 2000s when John Hollinger created it to measure a player’s offensive impact on a team. Since then, usage rate has become an essential tool for basketball analysts to evaluate a player’s importance and skill level.

Usage rate measures how much of a team’s possessions are used by an individual player while on the court. A higher usage rate reflects that the player is being given more opportunities and trust from their coach, indicating their value to their team. For example, if two players have nearly identical scoring averages, but one has a much higher usage rating than the other, this could tell us that the first player is integral to their team’s offense. In contrast, the second one may be more of a role-player.

How Is Usage Rating Calculated?

 Usage Rating Calculated?
Usage Rating In NBA

Usage rating is based on a simple mathematical formula that considers the number of possessions each player has had, how many field goals they have attempted, and how many free throws they have taken. A usage rating of 100 indicates that the player has been involved in an average amount of possessions for their team.

Is A Higher NBA Usage Rate Always A Good Thing?

Higher NBA Usage Rate Always Good Thing?
NBA Usage Rate

A higher usage rate in basketball can bring positive results. This statistic is especially important for NBA teams looking to create an effective offense with their star players. A higher usage rate means more offensive plays will run through that specific player.

This allows them to get more opportunities to score and pass the ball, resulting in more points for their team. Additionally, having one or two key players with higher usage rates can also help boost overall team morale since they know they can count on them to produce quality numbers and help lead their team forward.

What Is A Good NBA Usage Rate In Basketball?

 Good NBA Usage Rate In Basketball?

It depends largely on the player’s position and role in the team. A good usage rate for guards, such as point guards or shooting guards, will tend to be higher than forwards or centers due to their greater involvement in offensive play. An excellent usage rate for any position would be over 25%, while a good one would range anywhere between 20-24%. That said, it depends on each player and their role within their team.

Who Has The Highest Usage Rate In The NBA History?

Who Has Highest Usage Rate In NBA?
Highest Usage Rate In NBA

Russell Westbrook, the point guard for the Washington Wizards, currently has the highest usage rate in the league, with 41.65% . This means that Westbrook uses over 40% of his team’s offensive possessions whenever he has possession of the ball. This high usage rate reflects his ability to take control of games and be a dominant force for his team. His impressive athleticism and aggressive playing style allow him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Other Nba Players With Good Usage Rates:

  1. James Harden 40.47

Houston Rockets point guard James Harden has long been lauded for his ability to get the most out of each possession, evidenced by his 40.47 usage rate.

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo 38.91

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been one of the most dominant players in the NBA, and his usage rate is a testament to his impact on the court. His usage was 38.91%, which is impressive considering how many other players are competing for touches.

  1. Kobe Bryant* 38.74

Kobe Bryant was one of the most successful and decorated professional athletes to grace the basketball court. His legendary career was marked by numerous achievements. Kobe Bryant’s career usage rate of 38.74 is widely considered to be one of the highest all-time records in NBA history and has since become an impressive benchmark for many aspiring players.


Nba Players With Good Usage Rates
What Is NBA Usage Rate- Infographic


NBA Usage Rate is an important metric for evaluating a player’s offensive contributions. It provides a measure of how many possessions a player used while on the court and offers insight into their individual performance. Whether it be to evaluate a current player or compare players from different eras, NBA Usage Rate is an invaluable tool for coaches, scouts, and fans alike. Additionally, looking at usage rates can help showcase opportunities for teams to adjust their strategy and maximize each player’s potential.