What Is The Post In Basketball?

The Post In Basketball

The Post is an essential part of the game and has been used since basketball was invented. It is a key area on both offense and defense and can make or break a team’s chances of winning.

Why Is It Called The Post In Basketball?

The Post is a specific area on the court where players can position themselves to score. The Post is located in the paint, which is the area near the basket. To be in the Post, a player must have one foot touching the ground inside the paint.

The term “post” comes from a time when baskets were placed high above the ground, and players had to literally “post up” under the basket to score. Nowadays, baskets are much lower to the ground, but the name has stuck.

What Is The Post Position In Basketball?

The post position in basketball refers to an area on the court close to the basket. It’s usually occupied by the team’s tallest players, the power forward and center, who play with their backs to the basket. From this position, they can shoot, pass, or use physical moves to get closer to the basket for higher percentage shots. It’s a crucial area for both offense and defense in the game.

Low Post Vs. High Post In Basketball:

There are two main options for playing in the Post: low Post and high Post. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know which one is right for you.

Low post: The low Post is typically closer to the basket, making scoring easier. However, getting open looks from this position can be more difficult.

High post: The high Post is further away from the basket, making it tougher to score. But it can be easier to get open shots from here.

It depends on your skills and what you’re trying to accomplish on the court. The low Post might be a better option if you’re a good scorer. But if you want to create more space for your teammates, the high Post might be a better choice.

Low Vs High Post

Low Post High Post
Location on the court The low post is positioned closer to the basket, generally at the block, which is the painted square on the court just outside the key. The high post is located further from the basket, typically around the free-throw line or elbow, at the top of the key.
Typical Occupant The low post is usually occupied by centers or power forwards, who are typically taller and stronger, with proficient close-range scoring skills. The high post is generally occupied by players with good mid-range shooting and passing skills, often power forwards or centers with these attributes.
Primary Actions Players in the low post engage in back-to-basket play, performing actions such as hook shots, drop steps, up-and-unders, and they often compete for rebounds. Players in the high post are usually involved in face-up play, setting screens, making passes to cutters, and taking mid-range jump shots. They often initiate offensive plays in certain systems.
Defensive Responsibilities Defensively, low post players are expected to block shots and contest close-range attempts from opposing players. High post players, in defense, are expected to defend against mid-range shots, provide help defense, and occasionally switch onto perimeter players.


How Is The Post Used?


Post Basketball
Post In Basketball

In basketball, the Post is the area around the basket near the free-throw line. It is often occupied by the tallest players on the court, who use their size and strength to score baskets or grab rebounds.

The Post can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Players may use the NBA Post on offense to back down their defender and score a basket. On defense, players may use the Post to block shots or grab rebounds.

Players who are skilled in using the Post can be very effective on both ends of the court. They can create mismatches with their size and strength, and often they are the difference makers in close games.

What Does It Mean To Score From The Post?

When a player scores from the Post, it is usually worth two points. However, it is worth three points if the shot is taken from outside the post area. Therefore, scoring from the Post is a great way to increase your team’s chances of winning.

Is A Layup A Post-Shot?

In basketball, a layup is a two-point shot attempt made by leaping from the ground and laying the ball up near the basket with one hand. A layup is considered a high-percentage shot, as it is one of the easiest shots to convert.

However, some experts have argued that a layup should not be considered a post-shot. This is because the player is not in control of the ball when they are in the air and, therefore, cannot make any adjustments to their shot. Additionally, layups are often taken off of the dribble, which makes them more difficult to defend.

How To Post Up In Basketball:

The “post” is usually occupied by the tallest players on the court when playing basketball. The Post is located in the key, near the basket.

  • A player must first find an open space in the key to post up.
  • Once they have found an open space, they must then receive a pass from a teammate.
  • After receiving the pass, the player must make a move to get around their defender.
  • Once they have gotten around their defender, they can then shoot the ball into the basket.

How To Practice Posting Up?

practicing posting
Practice Posting Basketball Up

There are a few things that you can do to practice posting up.

  • Find a spot on the court where you will be comfortable catching the ball.
  • Get in a low stance and make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • Extend your arms and hold the ball above your head.
  • Wait for your teammates to make a move and then post up against them.


What is a post shot in basketball?

A post shot in basketball is a shot that is taken near the basket, often from a post position. The player shooting, usually a power forward or center, will have their back to the basket and use moves like the hook shot, up-and-under, drop step, or fadeaway jumper to get their shot off over a defender.

What is post scoring?

Post scoring in basketball refers to the act of scoring points from the post position, usually close to the basket. This can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including hook shots, turnaround jumpers, drop steps, and up-and-under moves. Players who excel at post scoring are often taller or have good footwork and the ability to use their body effectively to create scoring opportunities.


In conclusion, the Post is an important position in basketball. It is a position that requires a lot of strength and size. The Post is responsible for rebounding, blocking shots, and scoring in the paint. The Post is a very important position on the court and can be the difference between winning and losing.