What Is The Perimeter Of A Basketball Court?

Perimeter Of A Basketball Court

The exact dimensions for an NBA basketball court are 94 feet long by 50 feet wide. This means that the total length around all sides combined is 288 feet. The perimeter can also be broken into four equal parts, each measuring 71 feet long. The lines on a basketball court should always be painted white and have measurements marked so players know where they can stand when shooting or passing.

Perimeter Of Different Basketball Courts:

The Perimeter Of A High-School Basketball Court:

A regulation high-school basketball court typically measures 84 feet long and 50 feet wide, with each side being 28 feet from the sideline to the baseline. This equates to a total perimeter of 268 feet – over 80 yards! The 3-point line also plays an important role in the overall size of the court; it’s marked by an arc that begins 22 feet out from the basket on both sides and extends beyond halfcourt.

The Perimeter Of The NBA/NCAA Basketball Court:

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) both use courts with a perimeter of 288 feet.

The NBA and NCAA court has a rectangular layout that measures 94 feet by 50 feet. Both feature two hoops on either end that measure 18 inches in diameter. Also, marks around the 3-point arc, free-throw line, and foul lane correspond to these perimeters.

The Perimeter Of A Half-Court Basketball:

The perimeter of a half-court basketball court generally measures 54 feet (16.46 meters) from baseline to baseline and 42 feet (12.80 meters) from sideline to sideline. This means that the total perimeter for a full-size half-court is 168 feet (51.21 meters). It should be noted that this may vary slightly depending on the playing area’s size and other factors, such as whether there are any obstacles, such as benches or walls on either side of the court.

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What Equation Will Represent The Perimeter Of The Basketball Court?

The equation to calculate the perimeter of a basketball court depends on the type and size of the court. For an NBA-regulation-sized full court—which measures 94 feet wide by 50 feet long—the perimeter can be calculated using the formula 2 x (94 + 50) = 288 feet.

How Many Meters Is The Free Throw Line?

The official distance of the NBA regulation-sized court’s free throw line is 4.6 meters (15 feet) from the backboard’s edge to the point where it meets with the sideline at both ends. This means that when measuring around the entire perimeter of a basketball court, this section should measure 9.2 meters (30 feet).

Why Is A Basketball Court Rectangular?

A basketball court is rectangular for various reasons, the most important being gameplay. The rectangular shape allows up to ten players to move freely and easily without obstruction, providing ample room for offensive and defensive strategies.

Not all sports have the same uniformity in their playing areas; tennis courts can be either rectangular or round, while football fields are always oval-shaped. This gives plenty of space for teams to maneuver offensively and defensively while allowing room for spectators along the sides.

What Are The Parts Of A Basketball Court?

The layout and features of a basketball court remain the same, regardless of where it is located. Knowing the different components can help give you an appreciation for this beloved game.

Playing Area:

The playing area is typically rectangular and measures 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

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On either end, there are two baskets with a net hanging from each one – also known as rims or goals – which measure 18 inches in diameter. The bottom of the rim is 10 feet above the ground.


Located at the midcourt is a half circle that serves as the free throw line; this distance varies between 15 and 19 feet from the basket depending on the age group or league played on that court. The half-circle is four feet wide and painted the same color as the rest of the court.

Three-Point Arcs:

Two three-point arcs flank both sides of each basket and measure 20 feet away from their respective rim. These arcs are the same color as the rest of the court. The three-point line is three feet wide, and the arc’s radius is 16 feet.


The perimeter of a basketball court is an important measurement for recreational and competitive games. Knowing the exact measurements allows the players to stay within bounds and understand how far away they must be from other players when passing or shooting. Additionally, it allows coaches and officials to properly set up drills and direct players while playing on the court.

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