How Big Is A Half-Court Basketball?

Half-Court Basketball

Half-court basketball is a scaled-down version of the full-court game, popular among recreational players and even professional athletes. It’s played on a court that’s only half the size of the full-court version: 50 feet wide by 47 feet long. The half-court basketball court has plenty of room for players to dribble and shoot, but it also requires them to work with their teammates to be successful.

What Is Half-Court Basketball?

Half-Court Basketball?
Half-Court Basketball Game

In half-court basketball, each team has three players who compete against each other by trying to score points on their opponent’s basket. The size of the court is about one-half of a full regulation court (94 feet by 50 feet). There are no sidelines, and two baskets are placed at opposite ends of the court. A three-point line (at 19 feet) is marked around the court’s perimeter, allowing for three-point shots from outside that line.

Advantages Of Half-Court Basketball:

Advantages Half-Court
Advantages Of Half-Court Basketball Game

Playing half-court basketball provides unique advantages for athletes of all levels. For those looking to get a good workout without the full court or for aspiring professional players honing their skills, half-court offers an entertaining and beneficial experience.

Half-court basketball is great for those looking to have fun and stay fit. Without the need to run up and down the full court, playing in just one half can provide an intense and enjoyable workout that plays on agility and speed more than endurance. This makes it perfect for smaller teams of three or four friends who want friendly competition without getting too tired.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Half-Court In Basketball?

Overall Dimensions:

Dimensions of Half Basketball Court

The standard size for a half-court, as set out by FIBA (International Basketball Federation), measures 28 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

Free Throw Lane Dimensions:

Free Throw Lane
Free Throw Lane In Half Basketball Court

The free throw lane measures 12 feet wide (3.66m) at both ends before narrowing to 17 feet (5. 18m) at the center of the lane.

Three-Point Distance:

Three-Point Distance
Three-Point Distance In Half Basketball Court

The three-point line has a measurement of 6.75m from the center of the basket on each side and extends 7.2m on either side of it, reaching 22 meters in total length for each side’s three-point line when combined.

Rules For Half-Court Basketball

  1. Clearing The Ball:

It’s important to know how to clear the ball. After each basket is scored, the defensive team must clear the ball over half-court to give their opponents possession. This can be accomplished by passing it over half-court, dribbling it out of bounds, and then back into play on their courtside.

  1. Coin Flip:

Before beginning the game, the teams must determine which team will shoot first. This is done by a coin toss or other agreed-upon method. The team winning possession of the ball then starts on offense while the opposing team takes up defense behind their three-point line.

  1. 24-Seconds

The team in possession of the ball has 24 seconds to score before they are required to turn over possession; however, if they make it past half-court, there is no time limit until they attempt a shot at either basket.

  1. Time Limit:

Time limits should be set for each game; 10 minutes per half usually works well for some fun competition without things dragging on too long.

How Far Is The 3-Point Line From Half-Court?

Professional Basketball:

In a professional or college-level game, the regulation 3-point line is typically located 23 feet 9 inches from the center of the half-court circle.


On smaller courts like those commonly found in high schools or recreational centers, the distance may be less than 20 feet, depending on how much space is available within that facility.

Is The NCAA Court Smaller Than NBA?

No, the NCAA court is not smaller than NBA. The NBA and NCAA courts have a length of 94 feet and a width of 50 feet.

How Big Is A Backyard Half-Court?

Half-court basketball court sizes can vary depending on the intended use and available space in the backyard. The standard dimensions are usually 30 feet wide by 50 feet long, but some may opt for a slightly larger or smaller space depending on their needs. This makes half-court basketball courts versatile and accommodating for most yards, regardless of size.

Are NBA Courts Bigger Than High Schools?

The standard court size for an NBA game is 94 feet by 50 feet wide, while regulation high school court measurements are 84 feet long by 50 feet wide. That’s a difference of 10 full feet!

What Is A 2-Point Shot Called?

A two-point field goal can be taken either inside or outside the arc, which defines the three-point line, making it an important part of any team’s offensive strategy to score and win games. A successful two-pointer requires accuracy, skill, and practice if teams are to maximize their chances at victory.

Is There A 5 Pointer In Basketball?

No – there has never been any official rule change that allows for a 5-point scoring play. However, some players have experimented with this concept by taking shots from behind the half-court line, which could award them an extra point due to the distance and difficulty of the shot. This approach has yet to be widely accepted within professional leagues, but it remains a possibility depending on how a referee interprets the existing rules.

How Hard Are Half-Court Shots?

Half-court shots, or shots taken from the half-court line, are one of the most difficult shots in basketball. Not only are they incredibly long-distance shots that can take even the best shooter several attempts to master, but they also require immense skill and precision to succeed.

The three-point arc typically runs along the width of the court at 23 feet 9 inches from the basket on either side. Any shot taken from beyond this distance can be considered a half-court shot. These shots require exceptional accuracy and timing as they must be released with enough power to make it to their target while still possessing enough control for accuracy.


A half-court basketball court is a great size for players of all ages and skill levels. It allows you to play a competitive game in a limited space while providing the same rules as a full-court game. The dimensions vary from place to place but typically range from 28 to 44 feet in length and 20 to 50 feet in width. Measuring your space before purchasing or constructing the court is important to ensure it is the correct size for your players.