How Do They Put Temporary Logos On Basketball Courts?

Temporary Logos On Basketball Courts

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports, and many events are held yearly to celebrate this beloved sport. From professional games to college tournaments, temporary logos on basketball courts bring a unique sense of excitement and branding to the court. In this article, we will explore how temporary logos are created and applied to basketball courts so that you can understand the process.

Procedure To Put Temporary Logos On Basketball Courts:

Temporary Logos On Basketball Courts
Basketball Courts Temporary Logos
  1. The first step is preparing the court surface for the logo application.
  2. The court is swept and mopped before any graphics can be put down. This ensures that there isn’t any debris on the surface that could interfere with the adhesion of the logo surface.
  3. Then, digital graphic files are printed onto vinyl sheets which will become part of the logo.
  4. These sheets are then cut into pieces and laid onto the court according to a predetermined design plan.
  5. Each piece is carefully removed from the backing sheet and applied to the court surface. The adhesive that was used on the vinyl transfers its adhesive qualities onto the court surface and holds it firmly in place.
  6. After the vinyl is applied, any seams are taped, and the entire court is covered with a protective film.
  7. The film is then peeled off once all the graphics have been applied to ensure that the graphics will be protected.

The Purpose Of Temporary Logos On Basketball Courts:


Logos Marketing

It can be an effective marketing tool for companies and brands that want to advertise their logo during a sporting event. This can help them reach millions of viewers who tune into games and tournaments daily.

Special Events:

Special Events
Special Events Logos On Basketball Court

Temporary logos can also commemorate events such as anniversaries, championships, etc. These logos provide an extra layer of excitement for fans sitting in the stands watching their favorite team play on the court below them, adorned with vibrant colors from sponsorships or memorable moments from past achievements.

Are The Logos On The NBA Court Digital?

Logos On NBA Court Digital?
NBA Digital Basketball Court

Yes. Digital logos are now being used in many basketball courts across the country, including those belonging to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Benefits Of Using Digital Logos:

Benefits Digital Logos
Digital Logos Benefits On Basketball Court

The benefits of using digital logos on a basketball court come down to two main points:

Flexibility And Cost.

By digitally printing a logo onto the court, teams can easily make changes without needing costly alterations made or facing delays from having traditional graphics applied. This also allows for an unprecedented level of customization when it comes to team branding as well as sponsorships.

In addition, digital printing is significantly more durable than other methods, such as vinyl adhesives or paint applications, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing team longevity.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On The NBA Floor?

With basketball courts being one of the most visible places for brands, getting your logo printed on the floor can be expensive. Depending on game type, length of time, and visibility, prices can range from $75,000 to $1 million per season.

Why Is The Jordan Logo On The Pelican Court?

The reason behind this can be traced back to 2005 when Tom Benson bought the then-Hornets franchise and sought to make a statement. He wanted to create a bond between his team and one of basketball’s greatest players—Michael Jordan, so he had them wear uniforms with his logo displayed prominently. The courts were also redesigned with Jordan’s Jumpman at the center court, part of a larger effort by Benson to honor MJ and bring more recognition to his team.

Do They Wax Basketball Courts?

Yes! In addition to using a special paint for the court’s surface, professional basketball teams apply a coat of wax to protect it from wear and tear over time.

Waxing isn’t just reserved for indoor courts; outdoor basketball courts also benefit from this protective coating. Wax helps preserve the color of the court and makes cleaning up spills or dust easier—it can even provide extra traction when players are running quickly back and forth on the court.

What Kind Of Wood Is The Basketball Floor?

Most floors are made entirely of maple. However, some courts will be composed of composites or other hardwoods such as ash or oak. Maple is the most popular choice due to its durability and ability to withstand rigorous use from players.

Basketball logos
Temporary Logos on Basketball Courts

How do they put decals on basketball courts?

Decals on basketball courts are usually applied using large vinyl stickers that are carefully adhered to the court surface.

How long does it take to change the floor at staples center?

Changing the floor at the Staples Center takes about 2 hours.

Who makes basketball courts?

Basketball courts are typically constructed by specialized sports construction companies or general contractors with expertise in building sports facilities.

How do nba teams change floor colors?

NBA teams change floor colors by repainting the wooden court surface and applying new designs as needed.


Temporary logos on basketball courts are a great way to enhance the game’s atmosphere. By using innovative technologies and creative graphic designs, teams can create unique logos that make the court look professional and exciting. The logos also help to create a deeper connection between fans and the team, as well as provide additional opportunities for sponsorships. Companies and teams should take advantage of this opportunity to ensure maximum brand exposure and fan engagement during each game.