Why Do People Say Brick In Basketball?

Brick In Basketball

A brick in basketball is an expression used to describe a missed shot. It comes from the idea that when a shooter’s shot goes up and clangs off the rim, it sounds like a brick being thrown against a wall. In basketball, bricks can take many forms – from wide-open layups to deep three-pointers.

Bricks aren’t just frustrating for players and coaches but for fans as well. Nothing can deflate a crowd faster than watching an exciting play end with a brick. Players often get discouraged after missing shots, especially if they lack confidence in their abilities or their game plan is unsuccessful. Players who have missed multiple shots are referred to as having “bricks” or being on a “brick streak” because they cannot make shots consistently.

When Is A Brick Considered A Brick?

Brick Considered A Brick
Basketball player

It can be referred to as a brick if the ball bounces off the rim or backboard multiple times without going in the basket. This usually happens when the shooter puts too much power into their shot or miscalculates their momentum.

What does the brick city mean in basketball?

The term “brick city” in basketball slang generally refers to a situation where many shots are being missed, particularly those that bounce off the backboard or rim with a heavy thud, akin to a brick. When someone says that a game is turning into a “brick city,” they’re likely referring to the high number of failed shots from either or both teams. Similarly, if a player is described as “shooting bricks,” they’re having a bad shooting night and missing many attempts.

What’s The Difference Between A Brick And An Airball?

Difference Between Brick And An Airball
Brick Vs Airball

A brick in NBA is when a shooter takes a shot that hits the rim or backboard but doesn’t go in the basket. An airball occurs when someone throws up a shot that doesn’t even hit any part of the rim or backboard.

Strategies To Avoid Bricks In Basketball:

Dribble Drives:

Basketball Dribble Drives
Basketball Dribble

Practicing dribble drives regularly is key for any basketball player that wants to stop bricks from happening. A good strategy is to move back and forth between two or three spots on the court while doing drills such as crossovers, pull-backs, spins, and other moves. This helps players develop their ball control skills, increasing their chances of taking successful shots.

Pull-Up Jumpers:

Pull-Up Jump
Basketball Jump Shot

The pull-up jump shot is a basketball move requiring the player to launch himself off of one foot while keeping the other on the ground . This move creates space between the shooter and defender, allowing for an open shot.

The most important thing when executing a pull-up jumper is balance. Maintain your balance throughout the shooting, from releasing the ball from your hand through follow-through. This means keeping your feet firmly on the ground with minimal movement and your arms extended towards the basket at full extension before releasing.

Spot Ups:

Spot Ups in Basketball
Basketball Spot ups

Spot-up shooting drills involve practicing shots from different spots on the court where you don’t have to dribble or make a move before taking your shot. These drills teach players proper form when following through during their shots and help them become more comfortable making shots from different angles around the rim.

Free Throws:

Free Throws in Basketball
Basketball Free throw

Practice your free throws consistently and with mental focus. Free throws in Basketball can make or break your performance on the court, so you must learn how to make them under pressure. Concentrate and remember all the techniques necessary for a successful shot – this will help build up your confidence and keep any nerves at bay during games.


Layups in Basketball
Basketball Player Layups

Layups require proper timing and body control, so players must practice their footwork and rhythm extensively. Players should understand their physical capabilities, such as reach and speed, before attempting any layups on the court. By mastering both the technical aspects of this shot and knowing one’s limitations, it will become easier for them to time their releases correctly and make sure the ball goes through the hoop every time.

What Is A Bricklayer In Basketball?

In basketball, a bricklayer consistently shoots and misses by a significant margin. This could include players who are too far away from the hoop or fail to make shots due to bad form or lack of practice. Poor free throw shooters also fit into this category since they usually cannot make any shots while at the line. Bricklayers can often be identified by their low field goal percentages and a high number of missed shots.

Famous Players That Became Bricklayers:

Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is one of the most dynamic players in the NBA today. His powerful drives to the basket, precise passing, and ability to score from anywhere on the court make him a formidable opponent. But while many people praise his offensive prowess, one area of his game that has come under scrutiny is his three-point shooting percentages. Currently, he’s hovering around .304 from beyond the arc – just above 30%.

It can be argued that this number isn’t bad for a player like Westbrook, who lives near the rim. He isn’t primarily a shooter and doesn’t have an outside game like some of his contemporaries. However, many people still believe that if he could improve on this aspect of his game, it could help take him to another level as a player.

Stephen Curry

Curry’s bricklaying has been seen countless times throughout his career, whether it be the deep threes during Golden State Warrios games or even on drives to the basket during All-Star weekends. It’s part of why people love watching him play – you never know when Curry will miss badly and provide some comedic relief during an otherwise serious game. Nobody can deny that Stephen Curry is one of the greatest shooters, despite those occasional bricks.

Chris Dudley

Dudley’s poor shooting form was easily recognizable on the court; his throwing motion and lack of follow-through often contributed to his missed shots from the charity stripe. Despite having poor shooting form, Dudley was still able to play out an impressive NBA career. His physical presence and dedication on defense made him an invaluable asset for any team he played for.


Why don’t NBA players use the backboard?

There are several reasons why NBA players don’t employ backboards during their play. The backboard’s substantial weight makes it impossible for them to lift and toss it towards the hoop. If a player uses the backboard to assist their shot, it might inadvertently simplify the shot for their opponent.

How to mentally prepare for a basketball game?

Mental preparation for a basketball game can involve several steps: understanding and studying the opponent’s tactics, visualizing successful plays, focusing on the game plan, maintaining a positive mindset, managing stress and anxiety through techniques like meditation or deep breathing, and getting a good night’s sleep before the game.


Meaning Of Brick In Basketball
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Can you jump on free throws?

No, you cannot jump on free throws in basketball. It is a stationary shot taken from the free-throw line.


The phrase “brick” in basketball describes a shot that fails to make it into the hoop. It’s often used as an endearment between friends as they joke around and has fun playing the game. This phrase has been used for generations and remains in our modern vernacular. It’s part of the culture, both on and off the court.