How To Practice Shooting A Basketball Without A Hoop?


A basketball hoop is not always available when you want to practice shooting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on your skills. There are several ways to practice shooting without a hoop.

Different Ways

Wall Shooting

Different Ways Wall Shooting
Practice Wall Shooting

Wall shooting is a great way to improve your form and accuracy without needing a hoop.

To do this, find a spot on a wall that is about 10-15 feet away from you. Get into your shooting stance and raise your hand like you will shoot the ball. Take note of where your hand is about the spot on the wall. You want to make sure that your hand is in the same spot each time you shoot. This will help you with your form and accuracy.

Shoot the ball at the wall using the same form you would use if you were shooting at a hoop.

Line Shooting

Line Shooting
Practice Line Shooting

Line shooting is another great way to work on your form and technique without the distraction of the net. Here’s how to do it:

Start by finding a spot on the ground that you can use as your starting line. Place the ball in front of you and get into your shooting stance. From here, take your shot while focusing on your form. Follow through with your shot and reset for the next one.

Chair Shooting

Chair Shooting
Practice Chair Basketball Shooting

Try these three chair shooting drills to keep your skills sharp.

Drill 1: The Shot Clock Drill

Shot Clock Drill
The Shot Clock Drill In Basketball

You’ll need two chairs and a basketball for this drill. Place the chairs a few feet apart, with one chair facing the basket. Sit in the chair facing away from the basket and try to make ten shots within 30 seconds. Then switch chairs and repeat.

Drill 2: The Chair Bounce Drill

Chair Bounce Drill
The Chair Bounce Drill In Basketball

This drill is excellent for improving your accuracy and developing muscle memory. Set up two chairs close together, with one directly in front of the basket. Sit in the chair closest to the basket and bounce the ball off the back of the other chair into the hoop.

180 Degree Shooting

Stand about 10 feet away from the wall. Shoot the ball with a gentle arc, making sure to follow through with your wrist. Keep your eyes on the spot where you want the ball to hit the wall. As the ball hits the wall, catch it and quickly reset for another shot. Repeat this process until you’ve made ten shots in a row.

Stationary No-Dribble Drills

Stationary no-dribble drills can also improve your shooting without needing a hoop. Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing stationary no-dribble drills:

  1. Focus on your form: Without the distraction of having to dribble or move around, you can focus on your shooting form. Ensure you’re keeping your elbow in, following through with your shot, and using proper legwork.
  2. Use a mirror: A mirror can be a great tool for practicing your shooting form. By seeing yourself shoot in the mirror, you can identify any flaws in your technique and work on correcting them.
  3. Don’t shoot from a standstill: While stationary shooting can be good practice, always remember to incorporate it with your regular shooting routine. Make sure you’re moving around and using your legs as you shoot.

Stationary Dribble Drills

You can work on your technique by dribbling the ball in one spot. Here are some tips for doing stationary dribble drills:

  1. Start with basic shots. Begin by shooting layups and short-range jumpers. As you get more comfortable, move back to longer shots.
  2. Focus on your form. Pay attention to your shooting mechanics and ensure you use the proper form.
  3. Use a consistent rhythm. When dribbling the ball, keep a consistent rhythm so that you can get into a groove when shooting the ball.
  4. Get creative. Once you have mastered the basics, try adding in some variations to keep things interesting. For example, try going between your legs or behind your back while dribbling the ball.

Dribbling Drills In Motion

Set up cones in a line and then dribble around them, changing directions as you go. You can also set up cones in a zigzag pattern and dribble between them. Another drill is to set up two lines of cones and then dribble back and forth between them, going around each cone.

How Do You Practice Shooting Basketball Alone?

The best way to practice is by using a rebounder. A rebounder is a small trampoline-like device that you can place anywhere and use to practice your shooting. Simply set it up in front of you and start taking shots. The ball will bounce back to you, allowing you to get in many repetitions without chasing down the ball each time.


In conclusion, practicing shooting a basketball without a hoop is a great way to improve your shooting skills. You can become a better shooter by focusing on your form and following the tips in this article.