How to Draw a Basketball Hoop Step by Step?

How to Draw a Basketball Hoop Step by Step

Basketball is one of the most loveable sports in the world. It is usually played indoors on a basketball court where players from each side score points by throwing a ball through the hoop.

A basketball hoop is a ring usually made up of metal supporting a net. It is elevated 10-feet above the ground and attached to a backboard. In the past, peach baskets were used, but later they were replaced by metal hoops with nets and backboards.

Drawing a basketball hoop is not a difficult task. You only need to know how to draw the basic shapes and must be good at drawing.

By following this step-by-step guide, the entire process of drawing a basketball hoop will become a lot easier for you.

Things Needed to Draw a Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop Drawing
Things Needed to Draw a Basketball Hoop

You will need the following things to know how to draw basketball hoop:

  1. Drawing board
Board for Drawing
Basketball Hoop Drawing board
  1. Drawing paper
paper To Draw
Drawing paper
  1. Pencil
Pencil for Drawing
  1. Ruler
Ruler for Drawing
  1. Markers or crayons (depends on your choice)
Drawing Markers
Markers or crayons

Step by Step Guide to Draw a Basketball Hoop

Guide To Draw A Hoop
Step by Step Guide to Draw a Basketball Hoop

Follow these easy steps to draw a basketball hoop with a backboard.

  1. As basketball hoops are attached to the backboards, it is ideal to draw a backboard first. In NBA and international basketball games, backboards are rectangular in shape. Therefore, we are also going to make a rectangular-shaped backboard.
Draw a Basketball Hoop
Drawing Board

Take a ruler and draw a rectangular shape. This will be the outline of the backboard. The size of the rectangle depends on the size of paper you are using.

  1. Next, draw one or two rectangles inside the outline of the backboard to add details.
  2. Draw a small square in the middle of the backboard at the bottom to add further details to the backboard. Make sure there are no overlapping lines.
  3. After drawing a backboard, it’s time to draw the rim of the basketball hoop. First, draw a flattened oval and then draw another oval inside the first oval. This all should be done at the bottom of the square you made on the backboard.
  4. After the rim, draw an outline of the net. Start from one side of the rim and draw a downward curved line. Same, on the other side of the hoop, draw another downward curved line. Make sure the net is wide from the top and narrow at the bottom.
  5. We all know that nets have crisscross patterns, so we need to draw that pattern to make a complete basketball net.

Start by making V-shaped lines right beneath the hoop. After completing the first line, proceed to the second and so on. Create the entire net by following the same pattern.

  1. To color the picture, use markers or crayons. Try to use bright colors in your drawing.

Congratulations! Your basketball hoop drawing is now complete. If you got an assignment to draw a basketball hoop, you can submit it to your class teacher or share it with others on different social media platforms.