Goalrilla GS54 in ground basketball Hoop Review

Goalrilla Gs54 in-ground basketball

I received all the components together without any missing parts. I decided to hire a contractor for hole digging and concrete pouring with the anchor system. Once the concrete was set for 3 days, my son and I effortlessly set up the pole, bolting it down in just 15-20 minutes. I assembled the pole myself on the garage floor in about an hour.

Goalrilla GS54 in ground basketball Hoop : An in-depth View

Goalrilla GS54

Numerous reviews agree that Goalrilla basketball hoop is top-notch. The Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball System is perfect for small driveways. This budget-friendly hoop offers premium features like a 54-inch backboard made of 3/8-inch tempered glass. It’s great for modest spaces, even fitting well in driveways with two cars.

Assembly Instructions Weight Size Technical Features Material Height Range Rim Type Backboard Size
Included Manual 300 lbs 54 inches backboard Concrete Anchor System Tempered Glass 7.5′ to 10′ Standard Spring-Loaded 54″ x 34″
Contractor Required Rebar Rods for Stability Steel Pole Breakaway
DIY Friendly Compact Design Unbolt Option for Relocation Powder-Coated Pro-Style
Quick Setup Fits Small Driveways Crank Actuator Height Adjust Rust-Resistant
Lifetime Warranty

Backboard Assembly

Attaching the backboard required assistance from two adults holding it while standing on ladders. Our sons used 5-gallon buckets to reach and start the bolts. Once those were secured, attaching the hoop was a breeze. The only minor drawback is a slight vibration after shots or grabbing the rim, but it’s not a major issue.



Goalrilla GS54 Basketball Hoop Installation

Installing the Goalrilla GS54 basketball hoop involves preparing a concrete base, setting the anchor system, and assembling the unit. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely for a safe and sturdy setup.

Installation Process

The concrete anchor system simplifies installation and leveling, and you can unbolt it if you need to relocate. Sturdy rebar rods lay a solid foundation, and the crank actuator allows height adjustment between 7.5′ to 10′. The GS54 features a 54”x34” tempered glass backboard, and a 5”x5” 11-gauge steel pole, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ah, the Goalrilla GS54! It’s like the Rolls Royce of basketball hoops. But even a Rolls needs the right assembly to roll smoothly down the lane. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of getting this hoop ready for those slam dunks and alley-oops.

Pre-Installation Preparations Before you channel your inner handyman, make sure you:

  1. Check the Package Contents: Ensure all parts are present.
  2. Gather Necessary Tools: Things like a post-hole digger, concrete, level, and wrenches.
  3. Choose the Right Spot: Ideally a flat, open area.

Setting the Anchor System Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your hoop’s stability relies heavily on this step!

  1. Dig a Hole: About 48 inches deep.
  2. Insert the Anchor System: Ensure it’s level.
  3. Pour the Concrete: Around the anchor. Allow it to set for 72 hours.

Assembling the Goalrilla GS54

  1. Attach the Pole: Secure the main pole to the anchor system.
  2. Set Up the Backboard: With assistance, lift and secure it to the pole.
  3. Attach the Rim: Ensure it’s level.

The Goalrilla GS54 is designed to be stationary once set. If relocation is a must, you’d need a new anchor kit.

Safety First!

  • Always have someone assist you. Two heads (and pairs of hands) are better than one.
  • Wear safety gear like gloves and protective goggles.

Technical Features

Construction: The Goalrilla GS54 is built with a robust and durable construction, designed to mimic the strength of concrete. This ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.


Adjustable Rim Height: The hoop features an adjustable rim height mechanism, allowing players to set it anywhere between 7.5 and 10 feet. This feature caters to users of various ages and skill levels.

Rust-Resistant Steel Pole: The steel pole of the GS54 is treated to be rust-resistant. This means it can withstand exposure to the elements without corroding, ensuring the hoop’s longevity.

Installation: The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop installation process is straightforward, with clear assembly instructions provided in the included manual. The concrete anchor system simplifies installation and leveling, making it accessible for users.

Compact Design: The GS54 is designed with a compact footprint, making it suitable for small driveways and limited-space home courts. Despite its smaller size, it maintains the durability and quality associated with Goalrilla products.

Vibration Control: While there is some post-shot and post-rim grab vibration, it’s important to note that it is not excessive. The hoop is designed to minimize these vibrations, ensuring a stable playing experience.

Backboard Size: The backboard size is 54 inches by 34 inches and is constructed from 3/8-inch thick tempered glass, providing an authentic basketball experience.

Unbolt Option: The GS54 offers an unbolt option, allowing for the relocation of the hoop if needed. This feature provides flexibility for users who may change residences.

Unbolt Option

Crank Actuator: The hoop includes a crank actuator, enabling users to adjust the height of the hoop easily, ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet.

Warranty: Goalrilla provides a lifetime warranty for the GS54, ensuring peace of mind for customers regarding the longevity and quality of their investment.

Pro-Style Rim: The hoop is equipped with a standard spring-loaded, pro-style rim, enhancing the playing experience and providing a true basketball feel.

Reinforced Foundation: Rebar rods are used to reinforce the foundation of the hoop, adding to its stability and durability.

User Friendly Features

  1. One-Piece Steel Pole: The GS54 features a 5″x 5″ one-piece steel pole with an 11-gauge thickness. This design enhances the hoop’s stability and minimizes potential weak points.
  2. Pro-Style Look: With its original Goalrilla-style backboard and pro-style rim, the GS54 offers an authentic basketball experience that mirrors the quality found in professional arenas.
  3. Square Pole Pad: The goal comes with a standard square pole pad, providing added safety and protection during play.
  4. Budget-Friendly: The GS54 is one of the more affordable options within the Goalrilla lineup, offering high-quality features at a reasonable price point.
  5. Space Efficiency: Its compact design makes it suitable for home courts with limited space, allowing users to enjoy professional-level basketball even in smaller areas.
  6. Flexible Relocation: In addition to the unbolt option, the hoop’s relatively manageable weight makes it easier to transport and install in different locations if you move.
  7. Time-Tested Brand: Goalrilla is a well-established and respected brand in the basketball hoop industry, known for producing durable and high-performance products.
  8. Lifelong Warranty: The GS54 comes with a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind for customers and demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability.
  9. Powder-Coated Finish: The hoop features a powder-coated finish, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements.
  10. Reinforced Backboard: The backboard is constructed with tempered glass, ensuring it can endure intense play without shattering or cracking.
  11. Strong Anchor System: The concrete anchor system is designed to keep the hoop securely in place, minimizing wobbling or movement during aggressive play.

What I Liked About Goalrilla GS54!

  1. Solid Construction: The Goalrilla GS54 boasts a robust and durable build, akin to concrete. This sturdiness ensures it can withstand vigorous play and tough weather conditions.
  2. Adjustable Rim Height: The hoop’s ability to adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet is a major plus. It accommodates players of all ages and skill levels, making it suitable for family fun and serious training.
  3. Rust-Resistant Pole: The rust-resistant steel pole adds to the hoop’s longevity, ensuring it remains a reliable fixture in your outdoor space for years to come.
  4. Straightforward Installation: While I hired a contractor for some aspects, assembling the hoop was relatively hassle-free. The included manual and concrete anchor system simplified the process.
  5. Space-Friendly Design: The compact design of the GS54 makes it ideal for small driveways or home courts with limited space. It doesn’t compromise on quality despite its size.

What I Wish Was Different in Goalrilla GS54 Basketball hoop!

  1. Vibration After Shots: After taking a shot or grabbing the rim, there is some noticeable vibration. While not a deal-breaker, it can be slightly distracting.
  2. Non-Regulation Size: It’s essential to note that the GS54 doesn’t meet the regulation size of a 72-inch goal. While this may not be a concern for casual players, those seeking a regulation-size hoop may want to consider other options.
  3. Lack of Clearview Backboard: Unlike some other Goalrilla models, the GS54 doesn’t feature a Clearview backboard. While this doesn’t affect gameplay, it’s worth mentioning for those who value this feature.

Goaliath prodigy vs Goalrilla gs54: Comparison and Differences.

Both the Goaliath Prodigy and the Goalrilla GS54 are basketball systems designed for outdoor residential use. If you’re considering purchasing one of these hoops, it’s essential to compare their features and benefits. Here’s a breakdown of each to help you make a more informed decision:

  1. Brand Reputation and Durability
    • Goaliath Prodigy: Goaliath, a sub-brand of Goalrilla, has a reputation for producing quality basketball systems. The Prodigy series focuses on providing value without compromising on essential features.
    • Goalrilla GS54: Goalrilla is known for its durability and top-of-the-line residential basketball systems. The GS series, including the GS54, is designed to be robust with excellent build quality.
  2. Backboard Size and Material
    • Goaliath Prodigy: Depending on the specific model, Goaliath Prodigy may offer different backboard sizes and materials. Commonly, they are made from tempered glass or acrylic.
    • Goalrilla GS54: The GS54 features a 54-inch backboard, which is suitable for most residential purposes. It’s made of tempered glass, providing a more professional rebound experience compared to acrylic.
  3. Adjustability
    • Goaliath Prodigy: Generally offers height adjustability, allowing users to set the hoop to various heights suitable for all age groups.
    • Goalrilla GS54: Also offers height adjustability, usually ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet, with an easy-to-use crank system.
  4. Pole and Anchor System
    • Goaliath Prodigy: Often uses a two-piece pole system, which may not be as stable as the one-piece system but is still sufficient for casual play.
    • Goalrilla GS54: Features a one-piece pole design which provides greater stability and reduces vibration. It also comes with a rebar steel anchor system that is concreted into the ground for additional stability.
  5. Overhang
    • Goaliath Prodigy: The overhang (distance from the pole to the backboard) can vary by model. More extended overhangs are preferable for safer play underneath the basket.
    • Goalrilla GS54: Typically has a decent overhang, allowing for play underneath the basket without too much risk of running into the pole.
  6. Price
    • Goaliath Prodigy: Generally more affordable than Goalrilla models, making it an attractive option for those on a tighter budget.
    • Goalrilla GS54: Tends to be pricier due to its robust construction and premium features, but you’re investing in a system built to last.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option without compromising too much on quality, the Goaliath Prodigy might be your pick. However, if you’re looking for a more professional-grade system with superior durability and features, the Goalrilla GS54 would be worth the investment.

Always remember to check specific model details and customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a product that fits your needs and expectations.

Comparison and difference between goalrilla gs54 and 54c

Here’s a general comparison of the Goalrilla GS54 series:

  1. Backboard Size & Material: Both models typically feature a 54-inch wide backboard, and they are often made of tempered glass which is known for its professional look and rebound performance.
  2. GS54 would likely have traditional arm supports connecting the backboard to the main pole.
  3. Clear View Backboard Design: The GS54c might feature a clear view design which eliminates the vertical support arms behind the backboard. This offers an unobstructed view and might give a more professional look as seen in arena-style hoops. On the other hand, the GS54 might have the traditional arm supports.

The “c” in Goalrilla models often denotes “clear view,” which means the basketball system has a design that eliminates the support arms that typically connect the backboard to the pole, offering a clearer, unobstructed view through the backboard.

In summary, the Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball Hoop offers a durable and versatile basketball experience, with a few minor drawbacks. Its sturdy construction and adjustable height make it a great addition to any outdoor court. However, the vibration after shots and non-regulation size might be points of consideration for some buyers.