How To Jelly In Basketball?

Jelly Meaning In Basketball?

Jelly layup is a great skill to add variety and flair to your basketball game. If you want to impress the crowd and take your game to the next level, mastering this skill is essential. A jelly layup is a fancy move that involves using one hand to dribble the ball off your foot or leg while jumping into the air toward the basket. It’s an exciting move that can quickly turn heads on the court.

Jelly Layup In Basketball:

Step One: Body Positioning

Body Positioning
Body Positioning For Basketball

Before attempting a jelly layup, establish your dominant hand and adjust your body position accordingly. Stand with one foot slightly ahead of the other, which should be at an angle that allows them to push off from it for power when making the shot. The ball should be held close to the chest with both hands but only so as not to restrict movement or range of motion when going for a dribble or shot attempt.

Step Two: Dribble

Dribble In Basketball

Begin your dribble by taking steady steps toward the basket. Ensure your elbows are bent at all times, as this will help you control the ball while you move. As you take each step, pause before continuing with your dribble motion.

Step Three: Ball Placement

Ball Placement
Ball Placement in Basketball

As you approach the basket, ensure that your ball placement is correct so you’ll have ample space for maneuvering when it comes time to shoot.

Step Four: Arm Motion

Arm Motion
Arm Motion In Basketball

Keep your elbow close to your body while shooting to execute this move successfully. Try to initiate the movement with your arms before coming down with the ball – this will help add momentum and power when shooting. Use a controlled flicking action of your wrist upon release – this will create backspin on the ball and ensure that it drops into the basket accurately.

Step Five: Finishing the Shot

Finishing the Shot
Finishing the Shot In Basketball

This can be one of the most challenging parts because it requires focus and precision. After taking off from your dominant foot, extend your arm with the ball towards the basket while keeping your wrist straight and elbow tucked in as much as possible. Ensure they have good balance when releasing the ball to reach its intended target accurately.

Concentrate on having the correct technique and form throughout this last step to complete the shot. A key factor is ensuring your fingers are spread out evenly when shooting to have maximum control over where the ball goes after it leaves your hands.

Pros Of Practicing Jelly Layups:

  1. Jelly layups are a great way to improve one’s basketball skills. This move helps players develop better footwork.
  2. Jelly layups help increase a player’s speed when attacking the hoop. By mastering this move, they can beat defenders off the dribble and get closer to their target faster. This improved speed can give them an edge during game time.
  3. Jelly layups also help increase a player’s agility on the court. By perfecting this move, players learn how to shift directions quickly to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Jelly layups require an athlete to expend significant energy to make the shot. This energy expenditure detracts from an athlete’s overall stamina and can leave them exhausted during games or practices. Furthermore, because of its repetitive nature, jelly layup practice can become monotonous over time, which may lead to decreased motivation and enthusiasm on the court.

Who Invented Jelly In Basketball?

The origin of this move can be traced back to 2012 when Isaiah Washington and Ja’Quaye James developed it while playing high school basketball at Ballou Senior High School in Washington, D.C. Since then; jelly has become one of the most popular moves among professional players like Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook.

Is A Jelly Layup Hard?

A jelly layup is a tricky shot that requires excellent coordination, agility, and balance. It is often used by experienced players who have practiced this skill for years.

Jelly layup in basketball
Jelly in basketball

What is a swish in basketball?

In basketball, a “swish” refers to a shot that goes through the net without touching the rim or backboard, indicating a perfect and clean shot.


Learning how to jelly layup in basketball can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. The jelly layup requires dedication, focus, patience, strength, and agility. It is also important to remember that the timing of the jump and the angle at which you release the ball is critical for a successful layup. With continued practice and guidance from experienced players, anyone can become an expert in mastering this skill.