How To Stop A Layup In Basketball?

Layup In Basketball

Layups are one of the most common types of shots in basketball. Knowing how to stop a layup can be a key part of any team’s defensive strategy. To successfully stop a layup, it is important to understand how to maneuver your body and know when to anticipate the offensive player’s moves.

Defending Against A Layup Attempt Without Fouling:

Position Yourself:

Position Yourself
Position in Basketball

If you’re defending against a layup, the best way to do so is by positioning yourself between the offensive player and the basket before they take off for their jump shot. Once you get into position, you must focus on gauging when your opponent will make their move and then prepare yourself accordingly.

Maintain Balance:

Balance of Basketball Player

Slide your feet quickly while maintaining a good balance between both legs and keeping your arms outstretched from the body with palms facing up. This allows you to stay low and gives greater control over your movements, allowing you to react more effectively if the offensive player changes direction or speeds up suddenly.

Keep Your Arms Up:

Arms Up
Arms Up in Basketball

To avoid fouling while defending a layup, one should keep their arms up and maintain contact with the ball handler’s body while using their feet to move around them. Keeping the arms up allows for greater control since they cannot be used offensively against the player trying to score. This will prevent pushing or grabbing, which can lead to an offensive foul call on the defender.

Move Your Hips With The Opposing:

Move Hips With Opposing
Basketball player Hips With Opposing

Use your hip’s momentum to get ahead of the offensive player and cut off their path to the basket. This tactic keeps you closer to the offensive player so you can make a play on them without risking contact or a foul being called. The key when using this technique is timing; you need to time your movement correctly to succeed.

Jump With Control

Jump With Control
Jump Control In Basketball

It allows you to maintain your balance and keep your body in front of the offensive player as you attempt to drive toward the basket. This limits your options for making a successful layup and prevents any accidental contact that could result in an offensive foul being called. The defender should jump slightly off-center towards his opponent’s outside shoulder to block off access to the basket while keeping his arms outstretched to create space between himself and the opposing player.

How Many Points Is Layup Worth?

Layups are worth two points in the game of basketball. A successful layup involves control and finesse, as players must juggle the ball while avoiding contact with defenders.

What Are The Fouls In A Layup?

Fouls during a layup attempt include illegal use of hands, illegal contact with the ball, charging or blocking another player, goaltending, or entering the restricted area near the basket without possessing the ball.

Is A 3-Point Layup Possible?

A 3-pointer from underneath the hoop is indeed possible. While this may sound like an impossible feat, there are several examples of players achieving success with this unusual shot. It involves shooting from close range but with enough force and trajectory for the ball to reach beyond the arc in time for a score.

How To Score A Layup While Being Defended?

Create space between yourself and the defender by changing your speed and direction. Make sure the defender will have trouble keeping up with you as you move toward the basket for the shot. When attacking the rim, keep your body low and use a combination of dribbles to confuse your opponent while maintaining control over the ball. Angle your body away from their reach with one arm extended towards the basket while using your other arm as protection against their defense.

Which Foot Goes First In A Layup?

When performing a layup, the left foot should always go first. This is because most people are right-handed and use their right hand to shoot the ball on the backboard or rim. Left-handed players may find that leading with their right foot works best for them as they can hold onto the ball better while using their dominant hand to finish this shot.

What Are The Basic Types Of Layups In Basketball?

Jump Shots:

Jump shots involve leaping into the air while carrying the ball and shooting it toward the basket as you land. To complete a successful jump shot, players must time their jumps perfectly to shoot without being blocked or disturbed in midair by opponents.

Reverse Layups:

A reverse layup is similar to a basic layup but requires players to drive in the opposite direction from which they are shooting; this requires strength and agility as you must quickly switch directions before powering up for your shot.


Stop A Layup In Basketball
How To Stop A Layup In Basketball-Infographic


Stopping a layup in basketball requires quick reflexes, knowledge of defensive mechanics, and correct positioning. Make sure your feet are set, and you’re ready to move in any direction at any given moment. Above all else, stay focused on the ball handler—especially when they start to drive towards the basket. By following these simple steps, you can become a better defender and stop those pesky layups from happening. Don’t forget to practice regularly and have fun out there!