Types of Shooting in Basketball

Types of Shooting in Basketball

One of the basic skills of basketball is shooting. It is an essential part of the game. Players of the offensive team try to shoot the Basketball perfectly into the hoop to score points, whereas players of the opposing team try to stop them from scoring.

The basketball game has evolved a lot over the years, and so as the players. They have developed and added various different shots in their stock to maximize their scoring options. Many players are familiar with certain types of shots, whereas some are all-rounders and have a wide variety of shots.

In this article, we are going to discuss different types of shots you see in a basketball game.

Different Types of Basketball Scoring Shots

Basketball Shots
Basketball Scoring Shots

Following are the different types of shooting in basketball.

shooting in basketball
Basketball Shooting
  1. Dunks
  2. Layups
  3. Free throws
  4. Jump shots
  5. Bank shots
  6. Hook shots
  7. Tip-ins
  8. Swish
  9. Floater


Dunks scoring
Basketball Dunks

A dunk or slam dunk is a type of field goal that is hard to master. It is one of the most difficult types of basketball shooting in which a player jumps higher than the hoop (more than 10 feet) to dunk the ball into the hoop. It is worth two points.

Players who are blessed with a significant height and have a powerful jump can do this type of shooting. You can either dunk the ball with one hand or use both hands to slam the ball into the hoop. However, dunking with both hands is more difficult as compared to dunking with one hand.


Layups scoring

A layup is much easier than a slam dunk. It is also worth two points, and it is the most basic type of shot. To shoot layups, you can either use the backboard, or they can be performed without using a backboard called a finger roll.

To perform a layup, move towards the hoop by dribbling the ball. When you reach the three-point line, stop dribbling the ball, take two big steps towards the basket and jump to throw the ball into the inner square of the backboard so that the ball can bounce back into the hoop.  Or you can simply lay the ball into the hoop without using the backboard.

Free Throws

Free Throws Scoring
Free Throws

Free throws (fouls or penalty shots) are common in a basketball game. These throws are given to a team when a foul is called. Players can only shoot free throws from the free throw line, and they are worth one point. While making the shot, your feet should stay on the ground.

A free throw is one of the easiest types of shots as there are no defenders to stop you, but many players do choke at this point.

Jump Shots

Jump Shots scoring
Jump Shots

Jump shots are also very common in basketball. Unlike free throws, a jump shot involves jumping and throwing the ball towards the basket.

Jumping allows the players to get a height advantage over the opposing team players to shoot the ball easily into the basket.

The right way to make a jump shot is to bend your knees and use the power of both your feet to jump high in the air. When you reach the highest point, throw the ball into the basket. Make sure to keep your elbows straight when releasing the ball.

Bank Shots

Bank shots scoring
Bank Shots

In a bank shot, the ball hits the backboard first and then bounces back to enter the basket. Bank shots are similar to layups, but in layups, you don’t only rely on the backboard. Also, bank shots have a higher success rate than jump shots.

Bank shots are always performed when you are closer to the hoop; otherwise, it will become much more difficult for you to hit the target.

Hook Shots

Hook Shots Scoring
Hook Shots

A hook shot is quite different as compared to the other shots in basketball. You can perform this shot when you are near the basket at a sideways angle or directly facing the hoop. This shot can be utilized when there are many defenders near you, or you need to score by dodging a defender taller than you.

To perform a hook shot, keep the ball closer to your body and use the elbow of the other hand to create distance between you and the defender. Next, take the ball closer to your chin and then extend the arm straight up and use your wrist to shoot the ball into the hoop.


Tip-ins Scoring

Tip-ins or offensive rebounds happen when a shot is missed. In a basketball game, when a shot is missed by an offensive team, the other player from the same team is allowed to control the ball and tip it into the basket.

When the ball bounces back after hitting the backboard or the rim, the player from the same team jumps and taps the ball into the hoop to avoid losing points. To perform a tip-in, you must be fast and active enough to shoot the ball back into the basket before the ball goes into the hands of an opposing player.


Swish to Score
Swish Shot

Swish determines the accuracy of a player. When the ball goes through the net without touching the backboard or the rim, it is called a swish shot.

Any shot can be a swish shot, and it boosts the confidence of a player.


Floater scoring shot

Players who are short in height often try to perform floaters to get over a tall player. A floater is just like a jump shot, but here you push the ball higher into the air with a target of hitting the hoop.

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Final Thoughts

This article has provided some basic knowledge about the game to show how it can be played and what kind of skills one may need to play it well. Basketball includes many different types of shots. Some of the most common shots are layups, jumpers, and free throws. These types of shooting have been popular for decades because they require little to no skill from the shooter.

In the end, if you want to become a better and more versatile player, practice and learn all the shots mentioned above. First, try to get command over the easiest ones and then move towards the difficult ones.