What do Basketball Players Wear under their Shorts?

What do Basketball Players Wear under their Shorts

Basketball players wear tights or leggings under their shorts. Some players wear tight shorts that reach down to their knees, while others wear full-length tights that cover their entire leg.

Basketball is a game full of body movements. Therefore, players need the right gears to perform well on the court, and compression tights are one of them.

These compression tights or shorts were uncommon in the past, but they have gained much popularity in recent times. Not only have NBA players made a habit of wearing tights under their uniform shorts but also players in international games and other leagues do the same.

These compression pants are skin-tight but flexible and stretchable at the same time. They provide players the comfort they need during the gameplay. Also, they help them improve their performance.

Reasons why basketball players wear compression tights?

 Wear Compression Tights
Basketball Shorts

There are various benefits of wearing compression tights under the shorts. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Basketball players look fashionable when they wear tights. For many players looking good and cool on the court is the first and the most important thing.
  2. Players wear tights under their shorts to protect themselves from various impact injuries like skin rashes and burns. These impact injuries are caused when the players make contact with the floor.

Compression tights come with padding to protect you from serious injuries during hard falls. They minimize the chances of getting bruises and bumps and also protect your lower body parts from being damaged.

  1. Basketball players may suffer from deep vein thrombosis (blood clotting in veins). In this condition, people experience swelling and increased temperature in the lower thighs and legs.

Here, compression pants come in handy as they help regulate the blood flow and decrease swelling. Players who suffer from deep vein thrombosis wear these tights to treat the condition.

  1. Compression tights are also responsible to increase the flow of blood. When the blood flow increases throughout the body, muscles of the upper and lower limbs get oxygen-rich blood from the heart quicker than normal. This helps the muscles to perform better, which results in increased performance.
  2. They keep the lower part of the body dry and cool. These compression pants are usually made of a breathable material that keeps sweat away.
  3. Another reason or benefit of wearing compression shorts is that they help prevent the condition called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It is also called muscle fever.

It is a condition in which players feel pain, soreness, and stiffness in their muscles several hours or days after intense physical exercise during training sessions or matches.

  1. Compression tights help keep the body muscles warm for long. This prevents cramps and other injuries as the muscles take time to become cold.
  2. Last but not the least, they exert extra pressure on the muscles to provide additional support.

Factors to consider when buying the basketball compression tights

How To Buy Basketball Compression Tights?
Buying the Basketball Compression Tights

Consider the following factors before going to purchase the compression tights for yourself.


How To Find Right Size Of Compression Tights?
Length Size Of Basketball Compression Tights

First, focus on the length and size of your compression pants. Make sure both the length and size are right for you.

You will find two types of compression pants: shorts and full-length tights. Compression shorts extend to your knees, whereas full-length tights extend all the way down to your shins or ankles.

On the other hand, if we talk about size, then you must know your measurements to get the right fit.

Different compression pants offer different levels of compression. Some offer stronger compression, whereas some pants provide light compression. Your compression pants must be neither too tight nor too loose. They must give you a good amount of compression but at the same time make you feel comfortable all the time.


Material of tights
Material Of Basketball Compression Tights

Compression shorts or tights are available in various materials, including Cotton, Nylon, Lycra, Spandex, and Polyester. You can go for any material according to your choice. But make sure the fabric is sweat-wicking and has antimicrobial properties.

The common materials that are used in the making of compression pants are Polyester and Elastane or Spandex.

If you need compression pants with amazing stretch and breathability, go for the one with more percentage of Elastane. Otherwise, a stiffer option is available for you.

Keep in mind that thicker pants are best for winters as they retain more heat, whereas thinner pants keep you comfortable in summers.


Tights Durability
Tights Durability Of Basketball Compression Tights

Your compression pants must be durable. Pants with higher durability ratings are expensive, but it is better to invest in a quality compression pant rather than the cheap one.

Make sure the seams of the pants are well stitched, and the overall quality of the shorts is excellent.

Style and Color

Tights Style And Color
Tights Style And Color

Compression tights come in various styles and colors. It is up to you to select any particular style and color. If you have a basketball uniform, then it is suggested to match the color of your uniform or select a color that can go well with your uniform.


Tights Padding
Compression Tights Padding

If you are new to basketball and learning how to play it, buying a pair of tights with padding is ideal. These paddings will protect you from different injuries whenever you fall heavily on the ground.

Do nba players wear jockstraps?

Yes, many NBA players wear jockstraps for added support and protection during games. It’s a common practice among athletes in various sports.