What Accessories Do Basketball Players Wear?

Basketball Players Accessories

Basketball players must have the right gear to perform their best on the court. From shoes to headbands and socks, there’s a range of accessories that basketball players wear during games. Each piece of equipment serves an essential purpose and can help improve a player’s performance. Whether for protection or comfort, these items are essential for any competitive basketball player.

Accessories that Basketball Players Wear


basketball shoes

The most popular item worn by many basketball players is the sneaker. It provides cushioning and support to help reduce the risk of injury when running up and down the court. Basketball shoes also have specialized traction patterns designed to give you a better grip on different surfaces, such as wood or concrete courts. Headbands are also very popular among basketball players as they keep sweat out of your eyes while protecting your head from potential impact injuries during play.

Tights or Leg Sleeves

 Leg Sleeves Tights
Leg Sleeves Tights for basketball players

Tights or leg sleeves provide compression support to reduce fatigue throughout a game. They also help keep muscles warm before activity, which prevents injury caused by cold temperatures. Leg sleeves also act like a second skin to protect from turf burn, scratches, scrapes, bruises, and abrasions during physical activity. Furthermore, tights or leg sleeves offer stylish options for athletes, such as patterns, colors, and logos that allow them to stand out on the court.

Arm Sleeves

Sleeves for Arm
basketball Player arm sleeves

Arm sleeves are popular among players because they offer support and protection when shooting and dribbling. They also help keep sweat off the arms and increase grip on the ball.


Face mask for basketball players.

Masks are becoming increasingly common as they provide additional face protection from potential contact with other players or hard surfaces during play. The masks come in different sizes and shapes so players can choose what fits them best. Some even have vents built-in to keep athletes cool during intense games.


Mouthguards for basketball players.

Mouthguards are designed to protect against impact during contact situations like rebounding or making a layup. They can also help reduce tooth damage from grinding teeth when playing intense games and prevent injury from facial hits while defending. Basketball mouthguards come in a variety of sizes and styles so that they fit comfortably while providing optimal protection.

Knee braces

Knee braces
Basketball players Knee braces

Knee braces are designed to help reduce the risk of joint injuries like sprains or strains by preventing excessive movement in the knee area and absorbing shock effectively. They also provide warmth which can help with pain relief from existing conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. Basketball players who play aggressively often opt for more supportive knee braces with straps that wrap around the thigh and calf area.

Tape on Fingers

Tape on Fingers
Finger Taping

A lot of basketball players wear tape on their fingers. This helps support each finger and reduces pain or discomfort caused by extended use during intense games. Players often customize the tape to match their team colors or express themselves. Some even write words or phrases onto it, offering an inspirational message before they hit the court.

What is the purpose of wearing accessories?

Not only do these accessories offer protection and performance benefits, but they also provide style and individuality as well. Wearing fashionable accessories with team colors or even personal logos allows players to express themselves while making a statement on the court. Accessories such as headbands, wristbands, socks, shoes, and sweatbands can help complete any look for an aspiring basketball player.

Why do NBA players use double socks?

Double socks are two pairs of athletic socks layered on top of one another, with one pair covering the other completely. This combination can offer many benefits to athletes, including increased comfort, cushioning, and protection against blisters.

Many basketball players choose double socks for their stability and extra warmth during games in colder climates or arenas with air conditioning that can make the court feel chillier than usual. Additionally, some NBA stars find that double socks absorb more moisture from sweat than regular single-layer versions, providing better breathability when running up and down the court for long periods.

Why do NBA players wear bracelets?

Bracelets can be worn for both style and superstition. Many NBA players believe in luck and good vibes, so they often sport a bracelet to bring them good luck on the court. Bracelets can also symbolize team unity, with each player on the same team wearing an identical bracelet representing their bond with one another.

Why do NBA players have earrings?

Many basketball players wear earrings as an expression of their style. Wearing jewelry can be seen as a form of self-expression, allowing NBA stars to express themselves on and off the court. Earrings also serve a practical purpose – they can help protect against irritation caused by long hair or sweatbands when playing.

Why do people wear glasses in NBA?

Glasses can serve a practical purpose, like providing extra protection from injuries caused by flying elbows or hard-fought rebounds. The lenses also provide better vision and clarity when playing in brightly lit arenas, allowing athletes to gain an edge over their opponents with improved visibility during fast-paced games.

Why do NBA players tape their fingers together?

Players can use finger taping for both injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes. It helps provide additional stability to the joints and ligaments, reducing the risk of strain or injury while playing. It also helps reduce swelling and supports recovery from existing injuries to prevent further damage or re-injury.

Can you wear necklaces in NBA?

Players are generally allowed to wear necklaces while competing if they do not pose any safety hazards or distract from play. Necklaces also provide personal expression for each player, showing individual style and cultural identity.


Basketball Player Accessories
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Do basketball players tape their ankles?

Yes, many basketball players tape their ankles to provide extra support and prevent injuries during games. It helps stabilize the ankle joint and reduce the risk of sprains.


Basketball players wear various accessories to give them an edge on the court. This includes performance-enhancing apparel like compression shorts and athletic tape, as well as protective gear like knee pads and ankle braces. Shoes are also essential for playing basketball, whether you’re indoors on hardwood or outdoors on concrete. In addition, headbands and wristbands are popular accessories among basketball players. By wearing the right gear, basketball players can stay safe and perform at their best.