Do NBA (Basketball) Players Get New Shoes Every Game?

Basketball Players Get New Shoes Every Game

Basketball players are some of the most well-known athletes in the world. They are often seen as larger-than-life figures, and the public scrutinizes their every move. One thing that people often wonder about basketball players is whether or not they get new shoes every game. While it may seem like they do, the truth is that they don’t. Basketball players usually have multiple pairs of shoes that they rotate throughout the season.

Do NBA Players Get New Shoes Every Game?

 NBA Players New Shoes Every Game

When it comes to their shoes, NBA players have a lot of options. They can choose from a variety of brands, styles, and colors. And they can get new shoes every game if they want.

But do they need new shoes every game? Probably not. Most players probably don’t even bother getting new shoes that often. They might get a new pair every few games or even once a season. Players usually have multiple teams of the same shoe model, so they can rotate them and extend the life of each pair.

Do NBA Players Reuse Their Shoes?

Reuse Their Shoes

Yes, most NBA players have multiple pairs of identical shoes and rotate them throughout the season. They will often wear a new pair of shoes for a few games, then switch back to an older pair. This helps keep their feet fresh and prevents any one pair of shoes from getting too worn down.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some players may go through multiple pairs of shoes in a single game if they’re having trouble with their footing or prefer a fresh pair of shoes. And some players may prefer only to wear one pair of shoes for an entire season.

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How Often Do NBA Players Change Their Shoes, And Why?

NBA Players Change Their Shoes

While it is not required that NBA players change their shoes every game, most players do so to ensure they have the best possible grip and comfort on the court. Shoes can often become worn down and slippery after just a few games, impacting a player’s performance.

Players usually have multiple pairs of shoes that they rotate through during the season. Some players will even change shoes at halftime if they feel like their shoes are not giving them the traction they need.

How Many Games Do NBA Players Wear The Same Pair Of Shoes?

NBA Players Wear The Same Shoes

It’s not uncommon for NBA players to wear the same pair of shoes for multiple games. Many players have been known to wear the same shoes for an entire season. While it may seem like a lot of wear and tear on one pair of shoes, these athletes are typically cautious with their footwear and take good care of them.

NBA players often stick with one pair of shoes because they’ve found a style and brand that works well for them. These athletes need to have comfortable shoes that provide good support and traction. With so many games played throughout the season, it can be tough to break into new shoes every game.

What Happens To NBA Players’ Game-Worn Basketball Shoes After New Shoes Replace Them?

NBA Players’ Game-Worn Basketball Shoes After New Shoes Replace

When an NBA player gets a new pair of shoes, their old ones are usually donated to charity . Many organizations collect these shoes and distribute them to people in need. Some of the shoes are also given to children involved in youth basketball programs.

Collecting and distributing game-worn NBA shoes is not as simple as it may seem.

  1. The shoes must be collected from each arena after every game. This is typically done by arena staff or by shoe company representatives.
  2. The shoes are then cleaned and sorted by size before being distributed to charities or children’s programs.
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Many game-worn shoes donated to charity end up being sold in online auctions or at physical events. The proceeds from these sales go towards supporting the charitable organization’s cause.

Do NBA Players Wear The Same Shoes Sold In Stores?

 NBA Players Wear The Same Shoes Sold In Stores

They can choose from any number of brands and styles and even get their shoes custom-made .

While some players wear the same shoes available to the general public, others prefer to wear different – often more expensive – shoes explicitly designed for them. And while it’s not uncommon for players to change shoes mid-game, it’s usually because they’re damaged or uncomfortable, not because they’re trying to get an edge on their opponents.


Though players may receive new shoes before big games or the playoffs, they typically don’t get new ones every game. A good pair of basketball shoes can last multiple seasons with proper care. This means players often rotate between a few different pairs of shoes throughout a single season.