Volleyball Shoes Vs. Basketball Shoes

Volleyball shoes vs. basketball shoes

Volleyball shoes typically have a herringbone pattern on the sole, which helps players move quickly and change directions easily.

On the other hand, basketball shoes feature a flat sole with a circular pattern.

Both types of shoes have some differences and similarities, which are discussed below.

Difference Between Volleyball Shoes And Basketball Shoes:

Difference Volleyball Shoes And Basketball Shoes
Volleyball Shoes Vs Basketball Shoes

Volleyball shoes and basketball shoes are two very different types of footwear designed for two very different sports.

  1. Traction

Traction Of Basketball Shoes

The main difference is the type of traction each provides.

  • Volleyball shoes have softer rubber soles with more treads and grooves. This allows players to make quick starts, stops, and changes in direction on the court.
  • Basketball shoes have harder rubber soles with less tread. This gives players more stability and traction when making sharp cuts and sprinting up and down the court.
  1. Ankle Protection

Ankle Protection
High Top Basketball Shoes
  • Volleyball shoes have a lower profile to improve mobility and reduce the risk of ankle sprains .
  • On the other hand, basketball shoes usually have a higher top to support the ankle joint and help prevent rolled ankles.
  1. Shoe Cushioning

Basketball Shoe Cushioning
  • Volleyball shoes have extra cushioning to protect the feet from the hard surface of the court.
  • Basketball shoes have less cushioning because players need to be able to feel the floor to make quick cuts.
  1. Lateral Support

Lateral Support
Lateral Support Basketball Shoes

Similarities Between Volleyball Shoes And Basketball Shoes:

While the shoes worn for each sport are different, there are similarities between the two.

  1. Breathability

  • Breathability is important in both volleyball and basketball shoes. The shoes are able to ventilate well so that the feet can breathe and stay cool during intense gameplay.
  • Both types of shoes typically have mesh panels or other openings to allow for good airflow.
  1. Lightweight

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Volleyball and basketball are two very different sports. They require different types of shoes to provide the necessary grip, support, and comfort for the athlete. While you can technically wear basketball shoes for volleyball, it is not recommended.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes For Basketball?

The short answer is no. Volleyball shoes are not designed for the rigors of basketball. They don’t provide the same support or traction level as basketball shoes.

Are Volleyball Shoes As Good As Basketball Shoes?

It depends on what you need. If you need more control and traction on the court, then volleyball shoes are the way to go. Basketball shoes are the better choice if you need more support and stability.


Choosing the right type of shoe for the sport you are playing is important. Volleyball and basketball shoes have their pros and cons, but ultimately it is up to the player to decide which shoe is best for them. Try out different types of shoes and see what works best for you.