Are Basketball Shoes Good For Lifting?

Basketball Shoes Good For Lifting

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Weightlifting:

The basketball shoe has become increasingly popular as a footwear choice for weightlifters in recent years. There are many reasons why weightlifters may choose to wear the best basketball shoes, including the shoes’ comfortable fit, support, and stability. However, not all basketball shoes are created equal; some may be better suited for lifting than others .

There are a lot of different factors to consider when considering what type of shoes to wear when lifting weights. Some people might say lifting in basketball shoes are the best option because they provide stability and support for quick movements.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Gym/working out and squatting?

Basketball shoes are not ideal for gym workouts and squatting as they are designed specifically for basketball movements and may lack the necessary stability and support needed for weightlifting exercises. It’s recommended to use proper training shoes with a flat and stable sole for optimal performance and safety.

Do Weightlifting Shoes Make A Difference?

Yes, weightlifting shoes make a difference by providing stability, support, and a raised heel, enhancing lifting performance and reducing the risk of injury during weightlifting exercises.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes To Lift?

 Wear Basketball Shoes To Lift
Basketball Shoes For Lifting

While basketball shoes are not specifically designed for lifting, they can be a good choice. However, a few things to remember if you’re considering using basketball shoes for weightlifting.

  • Choosing a basketball shoe with good ankle support is essential.
  • Make sure the sole of the shoe is thick and durable.
  • Look for a shoe with ample padding in the heel area.

Reasons Why To Wear Basketball Shoes For Lifting

why Wear Basketball Shoes For Lifting
Basketball Shoes

There are many reasons for Basketball shoes as a footwear choice for lifting .

  1. Great Heel Support: These shoes are designed to provide lateral stability and support while you move side to side during a game. This makes them ideal for weightlifting, as they help you maintain balance and control while lifting heavy weights.
  2. Good Traction: Good traction is important for both lifting and playing basketball. The rubber is designed to provide grip on hardwood and concrete surfaces, while the multiple grooves help to channel sweat so you can maintain your traction.
  3. Good Ankle Support: weightlifting shoes with ankle support are essential for lifting. It helps prevent injuries and keeps your feet and ankles stable while lifting weights. Many different types of Basketball shoes have good ankle support.
  4. Durable: Basketball shoes are not only good for lifting, but they’re also durable. They can take a beating and still perform well. That’s why many athletes choose to wear them during their workouts.
  5. Comfortable: Basketball shoes are designed to provide comfort and support during quick movements and to protect the feet from injury. Wearing basketball shoes while lifting may help you feel more comfortable and supported.

Reasons Why NOT To Wear Basketball Shoes For Lifting

NOT To Wear Basketball Shoes For Lifting
Reasons Why NOT To Wear Basketball Shoes For Lifting

Lifting weights requires slow, controlled movements and stability throughout the entire body. Wearing basketball shoes can throw off your form and make it difficult to maintain proper technique .

  • The Cushioning Is Too Thick: The cushioning of Basketball shoes is too thick. This can make maintaining proper balance and form challenging while lifting heavy weights.
  • The Ankle Support May Limit The Range Of Motion: While basketball shoes may provide extra ankle support, this support may limit the range of motion in the ankle. This can be a problem when lifting weights, as proper form is essential to avoiding injury.
  • The Soles On Basketball Shoes Don’t Offer Good Stability: When it comes to lifting weights, stability is the key. And unfortunately, the soles on basketball shoes don’t offer much in the way of stability.

What Lifts Should You Avoid When Wearing Basketball Shoes?

 Lifts Avoid Wearing Basketball Shoes
When To Avoid Wearing Basketball Shoes?

There are certain types of lifts that you should avoid when wearing basketball shoes. These include:

  1. Lifts that require a lot of ankle mobility – such as cleans and snatches.
  2. Lifts such as deadlifts and squats put a lot of stress on the toes.
  3. Lifts that require you to be barefoot – such as barbell rows and push-ups.

Basketball Vs. Powerlifting Shoes: The Key Differences

Basketball Vs. Powerlifting
Basketball Vs. Powerlifting Shoes

A few key differences between lifting and basketball shoes make the former better suited for weightlifting.

PowerLifting Shoes Shoes Basketball Shoes
For one, lifting shoes have a raised heel, which helps to keep your balance and distribute your weight more evenly when lifting heavy weights. While basketball shoes also have some features that can be beneficial for weightlifting (such as a low profile and good traction), they don’t provide the same level of support and stability as dedicated lifting shoes.
Also, lifting shoes often have a strap or lacing system that helps keep your foot secure in the shoe, preventing it from slipping around while trying to maintain proper form.

This can make it challenging to execute lifts with proper form, which can lead to injuries. For these reasons, it’s generally recommended that you stick to using lifting shoes when doing any weightlifting workout.


In conclusion, basketball shoes are suitable for lifting if you want a shoe with extra ankle support, but they are not ideal for lifting in many cases . The shoes are designed for quick movements and provide little to no support for heavy lifting.