Do High Top Basketball Shoes Prevent Ankle Sprains?

High Top Basketball Shoes Prevent Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries among athletes, particularly those who play basketball. Wearing high-top basketball shoes has been traditionally thought to help prevent ankle sprains by providing support to the ankle. However, recent studies have suggested that high-top shoes may not be that effective in preventing ankle sprains. So, roll down to know whether high-top basketball shoes avoid sprains of the ankle or not.

Do High-Top Basketball Shoes Prevent Ankle Sprain?

Basketball Shoes Prevent Ankle Sprain

There is some evidence that they may help reduce the ankle injury risk. Basketball players who wore high-top shoes are significantly less likely to suffer an ankle sprain than those who wore low-top shoes.

While high-top shoes may help to reduce the risk of an ankle injury, it is essential to note that they do not provide complete protection against this type of injury.

The Science Behind High-Top Basketball Shoes

Science of High-Top Basketball Shoes

The structure of the High-top basketball shoes helps to hold the ankle in place while also absorbing some of the impacts from jumps and landings. In addition, the higher height of the shoe provides additional coverage and protection for the ankle joint. There is some scientific evidence to support both sides of the argument.

A study published in the Journal of Athletic Training found that players who wore high-top shoes were significantly less likely to suffer an ankle sprain than those who wore low-top shoes. However, another study from the American Journal of Sports Medicine found no difference in the incidence of ankle sprains between high and low-top shoes.

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So, there is still no clear answer as to whether or not high-top basketball shoes help to prevent ankle sprains. 

Pros And Cons Of High-Top Basketball Shoes

Advantages and disadvantages Of High-Top Basketball Shoes

Pros Cons
The extra height around the ankle of the High-top basketball shoes helps to prevent the ankle from rolling over, which is a common cause of ankle sprains. High-top shoes can increase the risk of knee injuries, particularly in female players.
High-top shoes often have additional features such as straps or laces that further secure the foot and help prevent movement that could lead to an ankle sprain. High tops can be more expensive than traditional sneakers and may be less comfortable for some people.
High-top basketball shoes are a good option for those looking for extra support and protection for their ankles.
Overall, whether or not to wear high-top basketball shoes is a personal one that should consider the pros and cons.

How to Prevent Ankle Sprains?

 Prevent Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains can happen when you land on someone else’s foot or roll your ankle while cutting. There are a few things you can do to prevent ankle sprains:

  1. Wear High-Top Shoes: These will help to stabilize your ankles and reduce the risk of rolling them.
  2. Stability: High tops may be a good option if you have a history of ankle injuries or rolling your ankles frequently. The extra support can help to stabilize your ankle and prevent further injury.
  3. Good Traction: Good traction on a basketball court can mean the difference between winning and losing. It can also be the difference between an ankle sprain and a healthy ankle. High-top basketball shoes are designed to provide good traction and support to the ankles, which can help prevent sprains.
  4. Shoe Pattern: Look for shoes with herringbone or diamond-patterned treads for a good grip on the court. Choose shoes with rubber soles for better traction if you play on an outdoor court.
  5. Strengthen Your Ankles With Exercises: This will make them less likely to give out when you make a sudden move on the court.
  6. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings: If you know someone is cutting through your area, give them plenty of space, so you don’t accidentally collide and injure yourself.
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These tips can help prevent ankle sprains and stay healthy for the entire basketball season.


In conclusion, high-top basketball shoes may help to prevent ankle sprains in some athletes . However, the research is inconclusive and more studies need to be done to confirm this. Wearing high-top shoes does not guarantee that you will not sprain your ankle, but it may help reduce the risk.