Are Basketball Shoes Good For Netball?

Basketball Shoes Good For Netball

Basketball shoes are not only good for basketball, but they can be suitable for Netball too. They provide grip and support when playing on a slippery court. However, there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Basketball shoes are designed for forwarding movement and jumping, which Netball does not require as much. Netball also requires quick starts and stops, which can be difficult in basketball shoes.

Can We Use Basketball Shoes For Netball?

Basketball Shoes
Are Basketball Shoes Good For Netball?

Basketball and Netball both require quick movements and direction changes, and both are played on a hard court. So, the answer is yes; you can wear basketball shoes for Netball . However, if you wear basketball shoes for Netball, choose a pair with good lateral support and a thin sole.

Are Basketball And Netball Shoes The Same?

Are Basketball & Netball Shoes Same?
Basketball And Netball Shoes

Netball Vs Basketball Both shoes are quite different.

Basketball Shoes Netball Shoes
Movement Comparison Basketball shoes are designed for a sport that involves a lot of jumping and quick movements. Netball shoes are designed for a sport that requires more lateral movement.
Sole Difference Basketball shoes have a thicker sole to provide more cushioning for the impact of jumping and extra support around the ankle. Netball shoes have a thinner sole to allow for quicker movements side-to-side.

Both shoes have good traction to help players stop and start quickly. So, while you can wear basketball shoes for Netball, it’s not ideal.

Netball Vs. Basketball Shoes: Pros And Cons

Netball Vs Basketball Shoes
Pros And Cons Of Basketball Shoes And Netball Shoes

When deciding what type of shoe to wear for Netball, many people wonder if they can get away with wearing their basketball shoes. After all, they both involve running and jumping, so the shoes should be similar, right?

Well, there are a few critical differences between netball and basketball shoes that you should consider before making your decision.

Pros Cons
Basketball Shoes Basketball shoes are famous for playing because they provide good ankle support and traction. They also tend to be cheaper than netball-specific shoes. However, basketball shoes can be heavy and bulky, making running and jumping difficult. They also often have a high top that can rub against the back of your knee, causing soreness and pain.
Netball Shoes Netball shoes are explicitly designed for Netball and are made to provide good traction and ankle support without being too stiff or heavy. They are also made from breathable materials so that your feet stay cool and dry. Netball shoes are typically more expensive than basketball shoes, but they are worth the investment for those who want the best performance in their sport.


What Makes A Shoe Good For Netball?

Netball Shoe
What Makes A Shoe Good For Netball?

While a good pair of basketball shoes can help play Netball, a few specific features to look for in a shoe will make it even more ideal for the sport.

  1. Extra Cushioning: Netball is played on a hard surface, so shoes with extra cushioning will help protect against impact.
  2. Good Traction: Additionally, shoes with good traction are essential due to the quick starts, stops, and changes in direction required in Netball. This will help you maintain your footing and avoid slipping.
  3. Sudden Braking Support: When playing Netball, it is important to have shoes that provide good support and allow you to move quickly. Basketball shoes are a good option for Netball because they provide support and traction when making sudden stops and starts.
  4. Stability: When it comes to playing Netball, having a stable shoe is essential to maintain balance and traction on the court. Basketball shoes are designed with this in mind and can provide good support for those playing Netball.
  5. Comfort And Fit: Whether you’re looking for a shoe to play Netball in or to wear casually, comfort and fit are important factors. So, choose a shoe that fits well and provides the proper support for your individual needs. Speak to a professional if you are unsure which shoe would be best for you.


In conclusion, choosing the right basketball shoes for Netball can make a big difference in your game . They can help improve your performance and prevent injuries. When selecting a pair of shoes, you must consider the surface you will be playing on and your foot type. You will have a perfect pair of shoes with so many s available.