How to Get Better At Basketball Dribbling?

Get Better At Basketball Dribbling

Basketball dribbling is a skill that all players need to master to be successful on the court. Some drills and techniques can help players improve their dribbling skills. The most important thing is to practice regularly and have patience. With time and practice, anyone can become a great dribbler.

Improve your dribbling skill:

Use Your Finger-Tips To Control The Ball:

Use Finger-Tips To Control Ball
Tips To Control Ball

Use your fingertips to control the ball, not your palm. This will help you maintain control of the ball and prevent it from bouncing off the ground too hard. You should also keep your wrists loose and relaxed while dribbling. This will allow you to make quicker and more accurate movements with the ball.

Using Enough Force:

Using Force
Force To Control Basketball Dribble

Using too much force can cause the ball to bounce erratically and makes it more difficult to control. Instead, focus on using just enough force to keep the ball under control while still being able to make quick and precise movements.

Getting Low And Staying There:

Getting Low Staying There
Dribble Ball By Getting Low

Be in a stance where your knees are bent, and you’re low to the ground. This will give you more control over the ball and make it harder for your opponents to steal it. You should practice dribbling the ball low to the ground using both your right and left hands.

Changing Directions:

Changing Directions
Changing Basketball Directions

Practice changing directions quickly while you are dribbling. This can be done by quick stops and starts or by crossover dribbling the ball from one hand to the other. The quicker you can change directions, the better your chance of getting past your defender.

Focusing On Footwork:

Focusing Footwork
Basketball Player Footwork

When dribbling the ball, take small steps and keep your feet close to the ground. This will help you maintain control of the ball and make it easier to change directions quickly.

Head Up At All Times:

It is important to keep your head up, looking ahead for defenders and open teammates. You’re more likely to get picked off if you look down at the ball. This will help you keep track of the ball and your defenders. This will also allow you to see the court and make better decisions with the ball.

Teach Mentality:

It is also important to be patient when learning how to dribble better. Players should not get discouraged if they make mistakes but use them as learning opportunities. Players will eventually improve their dribbling skills by working hard and staying positive.

Practice Outside Your Comfort Zone:

Practice outside your comfort zone is to dribbling in different directions. Instead of always going straight ahead, try going side-to-side or even backward. This will help you develop your ball-handling skills and make you more comfortable with the ball in your hands.

Dribbling Drills:

To improve your dribbling skills, you can do a few drills.

Crossover Dribbling:

The crossover dribble is one of the most effective. Start by dribbling the ball in your right hand. As you bring the ball up to your waist, quickly switch it to your left hand and then back to your right. Continue this alternating pattern as you move down the court.

Try speeding up your movements as you become more comfortable with the drill. You should also vary the height you bounce the ball, ensuring to keep it under control at all times.

In & Out Dribbling:

To do the” in and out” dribbling drill, dribble the ball in front of you with your right hand. Then, quickly move the ball to your left hand and back to your right hand. Continue this pattern as fast as you can while maintaining control of the ball.

Ball Manipulation Drill:

This drill is designed to help you improve your control of the ball while dribbling. Start by standing in one spot and dribbling the ball in front of you with one hand.

Then, without stopping the dribble, move the ball behind your back and switch hands. Continue this for 30 seconds. Do the same drills, but move the ball between your legs before switching hands. Again, continue for 30 seconds. Do the same drill but move the ball around your waist before switching hands. Do this for 30 seconds as well.

Two Ball Dribbling:

Start by standing in one spot and dribbling two balls simultaneously. Alternate between your right and left hand, keeping the balls close to your body. As you get more comfortable, try moving around while you dribble.

Try bouncing one ball off the ground while you continue dribbling the other. This will help you develop timing and hand-eye coordination. As you get better, try bouncing both balls at the same time.

Legs dribble in basketball
Improve dribbling skills


If you want to become better at basketball dribbling, then follow the above tips. You need to practice and have patience. You can’t become a great dribbler overnight, but if you put in the work, then you will see improvement. Remember to focus on your form and keep your head up when you are dribbling. With time and practice, you will become a better basketball player.