How to dunk a basketball?

Dunk Basketball

How to Train Yourself to Dunk a Basketball?

Train Yourself to Dunk Basketball?

Majority of the basketball players have a proper height and body shape, but they do not know how how to dunk. Here we have listed the three best ways to optimize your dunk or to learn How To Dunk if you are a beginner.

Tip #1: Evaluate your jumping ability

Evaluate jumping ability

The first step is to assess out that you jump with one-leg or with both legs. Then measure your highest jump by jumping beside the wall or a pole on the court. Ask your colleague to mark your highest jump. The mark will help you to figure out your jumping ability, and you will get to know what is best for you.

Everyone has different jumping ability, and it depends on body type. It just depends on how your body is built.

After you have figure out your jumping ability, follow the under mentioned steps to optimize your takeoff and dunking ability.

Tip #2: How to step towards the Basket

step towards Basket

  • If you can jump above 1 foot from the ground, then you got pretty good jumping ability. You need to move fast towards the hoop while keeping your knees in front. Make sure that you run explosively and try not to bend yourself while stepping. Always keep your chest and shin up towards the hoop.
  • Before performing a jump, your toes should be tapered towards your shin. However, when you are jumping bend or contract your jumping foot and force your opposing knee towards the hoop. Doing this will help you to gain momentum to jump up towards the rim.
  • Make full use of your arms to dunk the basketball and maintain grip in your hands properly.

Tip #3: Assess the best dunking angle for you

best dunking angle

Tip number two is to know which angle is best for you to dunk a basketball. This might help you to dunk more efficiently because the angle suits you the most.

Every Basketball player has different dunk ability. Some players perform dunk coming from the side, some coming from the front and some coming from the baseline. So go to the basketball court and check yourself from every single angle. After you find out that which angle is best for you, then start practising on it. If you are a beginner, the angle matters a lot.


  1. Here we have mentioned the things you should keep in mind while learning how to dunk a basketball. If you are a beginner, these things make a big variance. Let’s know them briefly.
  2. Your shoes must be optimized for dunking, or they must have the ability to make you jump higher.
  3. You should opt for sneakers that are lightweight and offer one to one feel around your feet. If you don’t have the ability to grip basketball well, then exercise is the only way to enhance your gripping ability.
  4. Your strength to grip basketball must be good so that basketball won’t slip off your hand easily.
  5. Look the play of great dunk performers and think about the way they dunk when you go up to dunk.
  6. Your mindset should be full of confidence that you can do it. Never lose confidence.

-Can I dunk if I am less than 6 foot without basketball shoes?

Can I dunk if I less than 6 foot without shoes?

In most cases, If you are under 6 feet tall, then you cannot dunk. Dunking in basketball requires enhanced jumping ability or increased vertical jump. Also, it’s not impossible; you can do it by having some pretty amazing hops.

And you also need a big hand and ability to grip the ball nicely in your hands.If you want to dunk and you are under 6 feet tall, then follow the undermentioned tips. Then for sure, you will be able to dunk.


  1. First, check out the play of great dunkers. Check their hail towards the hoop.
  2. If you are a massive guy, lose some weight and stay on a diet to turn fat into muscles.
  3. Work on your core muscles to make them healthy.
  4. Build your leg muscles, your calves and ankles.
  5. Buy a pair of basketball shoes those make you jump higher and offer safety such as agility and landing.

-Final verdict

So yes, it is possible to dunk less than 6 feet tall and bare feet. But you also need to follow the tips above.