How To Put A Basketball Hoop On A Trampoline?

How to Put a Basketball Hoop on a Trampoline

Adding a basketball hoop to your trampoline is a great way to add some extra fun for the kids or adults! Here’s how to do it:

Different Steps

Step1-Gather All Parts

Gather Parts
Gather Parts Of Basketball Hoop


Before you can start putting your basketball hoop on your trampoline, you must gather all the necessary parts. This includes the backboard, the rim, the net, the support pole, and the anchor kit. You may also need a ladder or a stepladder to reach the top of the trampoline.

Step2-Get The Required Tools

Required Tools
Tools required For Fitting Basketball Hoop

There are different tools that you’ll need to put a basketball on a trampoline:

  1.  Screwdriver
  2. Ratchet set
  3. Wrench
  4. Measuring tape
  5. Level

Now that you have all the necessary tools and parts, you can begin assembly.

Step3-Assemble The Parts

Assemble The Parts Of Basketball Hoop?” src=”” alt=”Assemble Parts” width=”504″ height=”525″ /> Assemble The Parts Of Basketball Hoop

Here are the steps you need to follow to assemble the parts.:

  1. Unfold the hoop and lay it flat on the ground. Place the ring over the top of the hoop so that the hooks are facing up.
  2. Start by attaching the backboard to the main frame of the hoop using the bolts that come in the kit.
  3. Next, add the support arms to the backboard. These will help keep the backboard from wobbling when you’re shooting hoops.
  4. Insert the hooks into the holes on the underside of the rim. Make sure that they are evenly spaced and secure.
  5. Use pliers to twist the hooks closed. Be sure they are tight so the hoop will not come loose during use.

Step4-Install The Basketball Net

Install Basketball Net
Basketball Net Around Trampoline

This fourth and final step is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

  1. Take the net and stretch it out over the opening of the trampoline.
  2. Use the zip ties to secure it to the trampoline’s frame. Ensure the net is tight so the ball will not fall through when shooting.
  3. Now that the net is installed, you can start playing basketball on your trampoline! This is a great way to practice your shooting skills or simply have some fun with friends and family.

Which Basketball Hoops Can Be Attached To A Trampoline?

Trampoline Basketball Hoops
Basketball Hoops Attached To Trampoline

There are a few things to consider when choosing a basketball hoop to attach to your trampoline.

  1. The first is the size of the hoop. It should be big enough for a regulation-size basketball but not too big to take up too much space on the trampoline.
  2. The second is the weight of the hoop. It should be lightweight so that it does not damage the trampoline mat when it is being used.
  3. The third is the height of the hoop. It should be tall enough so players can dunk the ball but not so tall that it interferes with other activities on the trampoline.

Some hoops come with an attachment that goes over the top of the trampoline enclosure netting, while others have a free-standing base that sits next to or in front of the trampoline.

Why Attach A Basketball Hoop To Trampoline?

Here’s why you should attach a basketball hoop to your child’s trampoline:

It provides hours of fun: Kids will love playing around on the trampoline and shooting hoops. They’ll be so busy that they won’t even realize they’re getting a workout in.

It’s great for exercise: Trampolines are already a great way to get some exercise, but adding a basketball hoop takes it to the next level. Your kids will be running, jumping, and shooting all day long.

Why Does It Matter Where The Basketball Hoop Is Attached?

Basketball hoops can be placed in different locations on a trampoline. The most common locations are in the center of the trampoline, off to one side, or in the corner. Each location has its advantages and disadvantages.

Center placement is great for evenly distributed weight and jumping height, but making shots from anywhere other than directly under the basket can be difficult.

Side placement gives you more shooting angles but can make rebounding more difficult.

Corner placement is ideal for giving yourself extra space to move around, but it can make shooting long-range shots more challenging.

How Much Time Does It Take To Assemble A Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

A trampoline basketball hoop can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to assemble, depending on the model and how many people are helping.


Following these simple steps will ensure that you can put a basketball hoop on a trampoline without any problems. With a little bit of effort and patience, you’ll be shooting hoops in no time!