Tips To Follow While Choosing Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Wide Feet Basketball Shoes

How to Choose Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet ?

Choose Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet ?
Wide Feet Basketball Shoes

The best factors that should be in mind while choosing Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet are traction, cushioning, sizing, and the right fit. Want to know more about it? Read on.


Grip/ Traction
Basketball Shoes Traction

Every basketball player needs the best traction and right amount of grip on the court. Since basketball is an intense sport that requires side to side and steep movements. So there is a possibility that you may get slip and slide on the court. Slips and slides on the court can interrupt your performance and scoring. So watch out for that.

So the grip on the shoes is the most important factor. This helps the player to maintain his performance on the court and prevent foot tripping. A player can make quick cuts, start and stops, and change positions without fear of falling or slipping.

Note: Watch out for the dust pick by some tractions because dust on traction also causes slips and slides on the court.


Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet
Basketball Shoes Cushioning

The cushioning setup in basketball sneakers offers a smooth heel to toe transitions and comfortable ride. However, there are different types of cushioning used. To pick the right basketball shoe, you should be well known about the functionality of different types of cushioning. Every cushioning setup has a different technology featured.

Following are some cushioning used by famous brands:

1. Nike Zoom Air cushioning setup

Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet
Nike Zoom Air cushioning

The Nike Zoom Air offers a bouncy and springy feel on the court. The fibers and material in this setup help to response much higher than expected.

2. Adidas Boost

Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet
Adidas Boost

The Adidas Boost cushioning offers the same amount of energy back which you put on them. Your performance on the court depends on the responsiveness. If you are a heavy guy, then this setup is good to go for you.

3.Under Armor Charged Cushioning

Best Cushioning Basketball Shoes
Under Armor Charged Cushioning

The (UA) charged cushioning comprises of two pieces of cushioning. The top layer act as the first peace, and it consists of plush material. The second layer is of foam, and it is much denser.

Sizing & Right Fit

The sizing and the perfect fit on feet helps to perform and score nicely on the court. Also, the right fit offers you the one to one feel with the foot. As for wide footers they need a wider toe box or space for placing thumb. You should be much careful about the fit and sizing.

There are two factors to focus on sizing and fit for a wide basketball shoe. It’s the thumb spacing and wide toe box. Let’s discuss it briefly.

Wide Toe Box:If you have a wide foot, first make sure that sneakers have a wide toe box, so that your toes will rest properly. However, if you get a tight toe box, then it can create problems in nails and fingers. It may also hurt your feet and offer less breathability at the front.

Thumb Spacing: The thumb spacing in any sneaker can be tested by placing thumb at the heel. After that stand and walk a little bit. If you feel smooth and comfortable enough, then go for it.


Following a set of suggestions and advice will guide you on picking the right shoes for a basketball game. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Always try to go for a sneaker, which makes you comfortable.
  2. Choose shoes with features like best traction, great cushioning, and the perfect fit for your feet. Or else you will lose the installed features in them. if you don’t get the right fit.
  3. Look for the look/ styling of shoes at last. Because it would be of no use if you don’t get the right performance sneakers.
  4. Buy two pairs of shoes. One for the performance and the other for looks and styling.